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Snow White

"Henry let me explain." Regina cried trying to get up, but her arms couldn't hold her weight and she flopped back on me. "No. Regina you are not getting out of this bed! You and your baby almost died! You two almost lost your lives, you stay put and Robin and I will talk to him." Zelena said giving Regina a stern look, she nodded and sat back, tears falling down her face.

I carefully got up and set her down, relief hitting me like a wall. Choking, bone-crushing relief. She laid back and let her eyes flutter shut, my heart nearly stopping. I reached out to touch her and make sure she was still alive.

"I'm just taking a nap." She said with her eyes shut, I whimpered and nodded, still resting my hand on her wrist.

"Yes?" She managed to croak with some sarcasm, I didn't feel like joking so I sat down in the chair in the corner of the room. "Snow I'm sorry, what is it?" She said looking at me, I just shook my head and stared at her.

"You almost died, I almost lost my only friend and my daughter as well. I just kept thinking about the time Charming and I found you, your heart almost stopped and I thought we were too late. I watched my mother die in front of me, I can't watch you die too." I said quietly, slightly embarrassed, she looked at me and tried to sit up. "Regina stop." I said setting her down gently, she looked at me differently and tilted her head. "I didn't know you felt that strongly towards me?" She said squinting at me, my eyes trailed around the room. "You raised me, you helped me when I had my son, you helped me when Emma got sucked into the darkness, you tried to split my heart in half to save my husband, you were there when Neal was born. Of course I feel strongly for you, you're like my mother, even if you couldn't stand me." I said smiling, she chuckled and smiled at me. "I really could, I was just stubborn, you weren't so bad." She said taking my hand, her eyes drooping.

"Okay, I guess I will let you sleep." I said shutting the curtains before leaving the loft.

"Have you spoken to Henry?" I asked Zelena, she shook her head and crossed her arms, her blue sundress was stained with blood and she looked drained.

"He wouldn't talk to either of us, I think he ran off to go find Archie." She reported, rubbing her temples. "Well I know my nephew is stubborn like his mother." She said flopping onto a stool, I chuckled and nodded, walking over to the cupboard, pulling out two glasses and some juice and vodka. "Mimosa? You deserve one." I said smirking, she nodded frantically and took the glass, finishing it in one gulp.

"Wow." I remarked, she set the glass down and gave me a look. "I just had my full arm inside of my sister, I'm going to need a couple of these." She said hiccuping, I smiled and took the glass from her, placing it in the sink. "Good point." I said handing her a shot glass, filling it for her. She finished it and coughed. "Gah. What a morning."

"We should have told him!" Robin said sitting at the counter with the same shot glass. "Hey, it was Regina who wanted to wait, I guess she just waited a for too long, it's fine, he will come around." Zelena said stirring her tea that I made her. He nodded and rubbed his head then turned to her.

"Thank you two, you both saved Regina's life and the baby's, I'm glad she has you two in her life." He said hugging both of us, then we heard a noise upstairs.


The three of us ran upstairs and found Regina sitting up with a scared look on her face, tears running down her face. "Hey, what is it?" I said moving to her side quickly, she grabbed my hand and whimpered at me. "Is he okay! It just dawned on me and I never asked about him! What's wrong with my baby!" She cried, I brushed her face gently with my thumb and rested my other on her stomach lightly.

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