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A Little Fall of Rain

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I quietly walked into the loft and found Emma and Henry staring off into space, their grief taking it's toll on them, I made my way over to my son and hugged him tightly, making him whimper and cry again. "I know sweetheart, I am so sorry." I whispered, gently rocking him back and forth, he trembled under my grip and looked up into my eyes, his full of mourning tears. "I didn't get to say goodbye to him!" He sobbed, I just nodded and pressed my lips against his cheek. "He knew you loved him, and he loved you very much. I can tell you that much. I am here for you honey, if you need anything, mom is here." I said pulling him into a hug again, Emma was in the kitchen staring at her cold cup of tea blankly.

"Swan? Are you okay?" I asked gently, a tear rolled down her face and landed in her mug as she shook her head. "Hey, I'm so sorry, if the three of you need anything... I'm here." I said facing her, Emma just looked up and nodded slightly. "Thank you. Can you please talk to my mom, she thinks she is responsible and she won't stop crying, please bring her down here so I can bury my father please?" She asked, her voice cracking, then breaking into a fit of sobs. "Oh- okay... Emma, of course." I said standing up a little straighter, she nodded and I started to walk past her when she grabbed me and hugged me tightly. "It's going to be okay, I promise." I said giving her a genuine smile, she nodded and then pulled away, realizing what she did.

"Snow, let's get you ready so we can go." I said quietly, walking into the room above where she normally slept with David. She was curled in a ball on the bed, her black dress tight around her new figure.

"Regina I should have listened to you! I should have just lived under the curse in the Enchanted Forest because I can't live with myself! I am going to be a single mom and I can't do it without David! What am I without him!" She sobbed, bringing her knees up slightly higher.

"Snow! Stop that right now! Listen to me, without David you are exactly what you were before, a strong, independent woman! Never define yourself by a man, you are going to be a wonderful mother! Look at Emma, she loves you so much! Remember what I told you?" I said sternly, she shook her head and looked down in pity. "Remember what I told you." I said a bit sharper, she looked up and sniffled, coughing up another sob.

"That I won't be alone." She whimpered, I took her hand and nodded giving it a strong squeeze. "And I intend on keeping that promise, you may be a single mom but you won't ever be alone." I said wiping her tears away, she just nodded and lunged in for a hug, a reminder of the first time I met her, the same look of fear in her eyes, sometimes that's how I still see her, my stepdaughter who idolized me growing up, who I raised against my will, but I still felt a fierce protectiveness over.

"Okay, now let's go." I said pulling her away, she nodded and swung her legs over the side of the bed, staring at her black tights and her boots on the ground.

"Here." I said bending over, slipping her boots on for her. I felt slightly dizzy standing up and I grabbed the bed, the fuzziness quickly fading. It was probably me standing up too fast.

"Let's go." I said sadly, helping her up and taking her hand in mine.

I pulled up to the funeral with the remaining Charming's in the car. Robin and Roland were both standing outside of the church politely, both of them were clad in black suits and waited with the rest of Storybrooke outside of the church.

I heard Emma and Snow whimper and wipe their eyes. Henry quickly got out and met up with the rest of the pallbearers outside, awaiting the arrival of the hearse.

Emma got out and hugged Killian, leaving her mother and I inside of my car. "I don't think I can go." Snow said gripping the seat handles, I pursed my lips and took the keys out of the ignition. "Snow, remember what you always tell me? To have hope, to believe that something better will come around the corner, now as crazy as it sounds, I am telling you that you need to go and say goodbye to your husband one last time." I said pointing out the window, she shed another tear and nodded, unbuckling her seatbelt and getting out of the car.

I sat in the third row with  Roland, giving Henry a reassuring look as he rolled the coffin into the church. The pallbearers included Henry, Killian, Leroy, Happy, Anton, and Robin. They all sat together and looked on as Mother Superior spoke of the afterlife and everything else, but I didn't hear a word that she spoke, only the sounds of my son crying.

"I'd like to invite to the stage Mr. Henry Mills II." The minister said sitting down, I watched my son walk up to the stage and unfold his paper, locking his eyes on me.

"Good morning. On behalf of my family I would like to thank you all for coming to say goodbye to my grandpa one last time.

As you all know, I grew up with my mother Regina, who adopted me, and then now I switch off with my mother Emma. I never grew up with a father figure, my father passing away at a young age. But I always had my grandpa, when my mother and grandma got sucked into the hat after the curse broke, my mom and my grandpa watched me and made sure I was safe, healthy, and happy. He was my father, the man I would go to when something was bothering me that only a guy could answer, my pal when we were outnumbered with women and wanted to go see an action movie instead of the chick flick. My grandpa was a hero to all everyone, myself included, but to me he was grandpa, and I love him and I miss him. So I hope you heard that grandpa, I love you." I couldn't contain my tears, which was odd because I always seemed to hold it together.

Everyone followed the motorcade through town and got to the cemetery, Henry stood in between Robin and I, he whimpered and then held back his tears as they lowered the casket inside, Archie said a few words and then the traditional dirt throwing started. Belle tossed a handful in, then Robin did, I decided to go next, throwing a handful of the dirt into the gaping hole in the ground. I felt my heart ache as Henry walked up, his hands shaking as he tossed the wet earth into the grave, making the pile grow slightly.

Snow then walked over and stared at the pile of dirt, her hands trembling as she lifted the shovel that seemed too heavy for her mourning body. She burst into tears and stared at the wooden casket, whimpering slightly. "David, we have always told each other that we would find one another, I just never thought, that after all we had endured, that I would be the one who was the cause for me losing you for good." She cried, everyone looked on with pity, which only upset her more. I sighed and let go of Robin's hand, walking over towards her, and helping her toss the dirt into the hole, taking her into my arms as she cried.

I drove them all home, no one was in the mood for the luncheon so I pulled up to the loft. I watched as Henry and Emma retired to their own sections of the loft, changing out of their formal wear and into sweats and a long sleeved shirt.

The loft was silent, but then I heard the sound of sniffling upstairs. I sighed and saw the two staring into blank space, both numb with loss.

"I can't get my shoes or tights off!" Snow cried, looking all out of sorts, the same little girl staring me in the eyes, I felt compassion for her and gently made my way over to her and unzipped her boots, then yanked her pantyhose down, helping her into her sweats, she then went into the bathroom to remove her dress.

I started looking around and saw frames of them together in Storybrooke, all of the time that had passed between the two, it was heartbreaking.

"Regina?" She whispered, I looked up and saw her with a sulky look on her face, she walked over to me and sat down giving me a numb look.

"I- ooh. Woah! The baby! It's coming!" She cried, giving me a look of pure terror.

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