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"What." I said flatly, taking my report and reading it carefully, yup, there it was in bright block letters. PREGNANT.

"I- I can't. He's gone, I had to say goodbye, he's not here I-" The doctor gave a pensive nod then stood up, giving us some privacy.

"Regina, listen to me! Look at Henry, did you raise him with anybody? No! And he is wonderful and loves you so much! Robin is gone, but I do have faith that you two will find each other again, you helped me when I lost my husband, now I am going to help you. Don't worry." She said taking my hands, I looked up and gave her a teary smile, glad that this time we weren't actually trying to kill each other.

"It will be fun, baby names, nurseries, shopping! What about your baby shower? I am going to throw you an amazing baby shower!" She squealed, at the moment I didn't feel like celebrating, Robin was gone, and he was suppose to be here for this, this was our miracle baby. "You think I can really do this?" I asked quietly, Snow squeezed my hands and sat next to me on the table. "Of course you can! Never define your life as what you can do based on a man." She said firmly, I chuckled and looked at her, she was my stepdaughter, but she was all grown up, it seemed like yesterday I was catching her roam around my chambers while she looked at my things, reveling in having somewhat of a mother figure.

"Where did you learn that Yoda?" I asked raising my eyebrow, she sighed and smiled at the ceiling. "You."

The Enchanted Forest
A long time ago...

"Snow! What are you doing?"  I questioned in annoyance, she spun around from my vanity and sat down on the small couch that was in front of my fireplace with a worried look on her face.

"I was waiting for you. I needed to talk to you." She said wringing her hands nervously, I did an internal eye roll and sat down next to the young girl. "What is it dear?" I asked, she let a tear slip out of her eye.

"I just don't know what I am going to do tonight! It's the ball celebrating my birthday and he tells me that there are going to be suitors there, and I don't know how to do any of this, mother- mother passed away before she could teach me anything about this stuff and I was wondering if you could teach me since you are my stepmother." She stuttered, I didn't know how to answer the young girl, she looked so heartbroken and small, but she did spill my secret, and that is why I am in this miserable life!

"Oh, um, okay. I don't know exactly what you want me to tell you..." I started, but she just grabbed my hand and gave me a hopeful look. "Thank you! You are the best mother I could ever ask for!" She squealed, pulling me into a tight hug, I uncomfortably hugged her back, trying to put on my charade for her.

After a strenuous amount of time, I had finally babbled on enough to make the foolish girl feel like she was ready for the ball.

"How do you want your hair again?" I said with an irritated undertone to my voice, she just smiled and sat back as I brushed her long locks. "I want it to look just like yours! Then the princes will surely love me! Then I can properly rule a kingdom just like mother could with father!" As much as this young girl irritated me I had to stop her there and change her ideology.

"Snow, honey, that's not true! You can do so many things on your own! A king is only as strong as his queen, don't ever let a man define what you as a person is capable of! Prince or no prince you are able to do whatever you want." I said sternly, placing the brush in my lap, she smiled and bulldozed me with a hug, looking up at me with her stupid big eyes that somehow always managed to pull on my heartstrings.

"I love you Regina." She said smiling, my heart tightened and I gave her my best smile that I could pull off as genuine. "And I love you." I said pulling away and getting up. "Johanna will finish your hair for you, I have to go and do something..." I said darting out of the room.

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