Shall We?

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It had been a month since Henry had come home from the hospital, and I was finally able to relax and not worry so much over things.

"Mama!" Carolina cooed toddling into the living room where I was drifting in and out of a nap. I smiled and lifted her onto the couch so she could snuggle into me, making my heart warm.

I then heard Robin follow behind her and join me on the couch, taking my hand in his. "That's a gorgeous ring that you wear, I think it would be great if I got one...?" He said smirking, I sat up and placed Carolina on my lap, she yawned and slowly started falling asleep on me.

"How about we finally get married?" He said pressing his forehead on mine, I bit my lip and smiled.


Six months later

"Regina Maria Mills, I swear to God if you are not in the bathtub with a mud mask on I am literally going to have to kill you on your wedding day!" Snow yelled from the other room in the bridal suite, I was busy feeding Carolina who was climbing all over the place. "I have to feed Carolina." I said unscrewing the baby food, I saw Snow's eyes widen and then rush over and take the jar from me.

"I will do it, if you get any of that on your robe I will strangle you! Now go take a relaxing bath!" She barked sternly, I rolled my eyes playfully and shut the door to the bathroom, sinking into the large bathtub that had all sorts of different oils, soaps, and salts poured in. I sighed in relief and felt my body relaxing, my nerves calming, I was getting married today and I couldn't be happier.

"Regina don't wash your hair! The hairdresser and makeup artists are going to be here in twenty minutes, so hurry up!" She said from the door, I giggled at her, she was able to return Emma to her non-evil self so now her main focus had been the wedding, I guess I had it coming with her as my maid of honor. Well technically her and Zelena shared the title but Snow embraced it to the fullest.

I drained the water and dried myself off, wrapping my robe around me, I quickly pulled on my special undergarments that I had specially picked out, pulling the material over them.

I walked out and saw the team already working on the girls, Zelena, Emma, Belle, and Snow were getting ready while the hair man sat me down and started curling and pinning. I didn't want anything too elaborate, nothing like my first wedding, I looked in the mirror and smiled at my low bun that he had given me, my bangs swooping at the frame of my face. Snow walked behind me and handed the hairdresser a crystal hairpiece that he pinned right above my bun where my veil would go.

The makeup woman went to town applying my eyeshadow and layers of foundation, contouring every angle of my face, finishing it off with bright red lips.

"Oh my god Regina you look wonderful!" Snow squealed, bouncing my daughter on her hip. "Doesn't mama look pretty?" She said pointing to me, Carolina giggled and reached out for me, snuggling on my lap.

"Okay girls! Let's get all of you in your dresses!" The photographer said setting up his cameras. All of the bridesmaids slipped into their royal blue taffeta dresses, the weather was cold and sleety, but I was happy, that's what I had always hoped for on my wedding day.

"You all look great!" I said laughing, Snow, Zelena, and Belle smiled and twirled while Emma shifted uncomfortably in her dress that her mother insisted she bought.

"Okay, Regina, your turn to get your dress on!" Snow squealed, jumping in excitement. I chuckled and rolled my eyes. She pulled out the dress bag and laid it on the bed, I unzipped it and pulled it out, Carolina squealed and grabbed my leg.

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