Carolina Annabelle is One

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Ten months later

I woke up to the feeling of little hands on my face, Carolina was snuggled in my arms with her hands on my face. "Good morning birthday girl." I said kissing her sleeping nose, Robin was facing me with a smirk on his face, he brushed his hands through her hair and placed a gentle kiss on her head. She had been fussing all night and refused to sleep unless one of us were holding her.

I got up and picked out an outfit for the party, my throat was feeling a bit raw and scratchy but I told myself that I would not get sick today, Carolina's party was today and I would not ruin it.

"Mama." I heard her sweet voice and turned around, Robin had her hands and was walking her over to me. "Mama!" She squealed, laughing at the sound of her voice. I picked her up and tickled her tummy, lifting her shirt up and giving her a raspberry. She giggled and threw her head back, hitting it on the door. She immediately sat up and started screaming.

"Carolina! Sweetie, daddy is coming!" Robin said rushing into the bathroom, I had her in my arms trying to soothe her, but she was flipping out. I looked at her head and saw a small bump forming. "Regina we should go to the hospital! She hit her head!" Robin said grabbing my purse and jacket "Honey she's fine, Henry hit his head when he was this little and I did that, as long as she's still conscious and okay we don't need to take her." I said bouncing her slightly, she stopped crying and was humming on my chest. Robin still looked worried and still had my things.

"Hey, what's going on?" I said walking towards him, he shook his head and ran his hands through his hear while he sat down on the bed. "I'm just thinking about when she was born, how sick she was, how sick you both were. I almost lost you two." He said rubbing her back, I sat down beside him and took his hand.

"I know, I'm thinking about it too, but look, both of us are fine. It all worked out and we aren't going anywhere anytime soon." I said kissing his lips, he moved closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, moving his head down so he was kissing our daughter as well.

"Happy birthday!" Snow said running into the house with a big box with a huge bow on it. Zelena followed closely with her own gift and Neal, Belle shut the door behind her and came in. I had Carolina on my hip and Robin came in with a large giraffe with a bow on it, setting it down in front of her. Everyone came in and fussed over her, taking turns holding and kissing her.

I wandered into the kitchen to get the cake and the camera. As I rummaged through the drawer to find the candle I heard a noise in the other room. "Mama!" Carolina called, I dropped the candle and grabbed the camera, rushing into the room where Snow was holding her with a large grin on her face.

"Say it again baby!" I said taking my phone out, she giggled and reached out for me, I took her into my arms and handed my phone over to Snow. She smiled brightly and giggled again when she looked at me. "Mama." She cooed, I felt a tear come out of the corner of my eye, I smiled and kissed her cheek sloppily, she chuckled and grabbed my face, her dark hair curling on the top of her head. Robin came up behind me and snaked his arm around my waist, kissing my cheek sloppily as well, making our daughter laugh. "You're so big, mama can't believe it." I said pressing my forehead on hers.

We all gathered around the cake where Carolina sat in her high chair with her cake. "Boys, go sit with your sister." I said taking out my phone, taking a million pictures. She stuck her hand in her cake and got chocolate frosting all over herself. I took some more pictures while Robin cleaned her up and the boys moved the presents into the dining room.

Everyone sat down when all of a sudden the doorbell went off, I wiped my hands on my sweats and got up, when I opened the door I felt a grin spread on my face.

"Where's the birthday girl!" My dad said holding a huge box with a bright pink bow on it.

"Tata!" Carolina squealed, I lifted her up higher so she could kiss her cheek. "Oh my goodness! You are one today! You look just like your mama!" He said putting the gift down on the table, she smiled at the sound of my name and reached out for him, he grabbed her and tossed her in the air, catching her before she fell. I went to grab my phone when my Facebook made a noise. I swiped it open and saw a time hop that made me smile. It was a picture of me holding Carolina in the hospital after we were both cleared, I looked so pale and weak, but I was happy, I had a healthy daughter who was beautiful.

We went through the presents, giggling at the cute outfits that Snow had splurged on, I grabbed the small box that sat on the table that was wrapped simply with white wrapping paper and a green bow. "Who's this from?" I asked in a playful voice, Carolina giggled and was preoccupied with her stuffed giraffe that Robin got her. I carefully opened the box and gasped when I saw what was inside.

It was a golden heart necklace, and when I turned it over I saw that it was a locket, I carefully opened it and saw a picture of Zelena and Carolina on the inside. There was an inscription on the back that pulled on my heart strings.

Near or far, wherever you are, you are safe in my heart. I love you forever.
Aunty Lena

I looked up with tears in my eyes and smiled at her, making myself emotional. "I just figured she could wear it with her pretty tiara that she got." Zelena said winking, I kissed Carolina's head and looked at Zelena and Snow with a big grin.

I heard a noise and saw Robin pushing in the large box that my father brought. Carolina gasped and giggled, pulling the now off of the present. I gasped when I saw the content, the old intricate mirror that once sat in my bedroom as a little girl was sitting in front of me. It was beautiful, the metal and jewels that were twisted around the glass made me speechless with its beauty.

"I got it the day she was born, I grabbed it right after I gave you the dress." He said tickling Carolina's tummy, making her giggle and clap. Everything was perfect, my family was together and they were celebrating, making it impossible not to be the happiest woman in the world.

Sorry this one is so short, it's a fluff chapter, next one is going to be big!!

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