C.A. Locksley

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I clung to Robin as we appeared on my lawn, he had wrapped a warm blanket around me and laid me on the stretcher, Zelena jumped in and they took my baby from her, I hadn't even seen or held her and I was growing increasingly worried with every minute.

"Come on!" The paramedic said suctioning my daughter's airways, I held my breath every time they pulled it out of her mouth, and finally we heard it, a loud cry coming from her mouth. Robin and I burst into tears at the sound of our daughter's first breath. Robin gripped my hand and kissed it while we both nearly fell over in relief.

"Where is she?" I croaked, the fatigue hitting me, and all of the screaming I had done made my throat raw. My vision started to get blurry and I saw Robin move over so the paramedic could look at me. I felt an oxygen mask slip onto my face and then the ambulance started to feel extremely crowded. I was too tired to move and all I could make out was Robin's face and the sound of my baby crying behind me. Everything else melting away.


"Okay I need blood!" The paramedic yelled at the one in the back who was driving, I heard him radio the hospital demanding some. Regina was limp on the stretcher and the mask was fogging less and less with her decreased breath. I started to panic and was on the verge of tears, my daughter and my fiancé were standing at the doors of death and I couldn't do anything.

They pulled up and rushed both of them inside, the young nurses leading me somewhere else. "No! That's my wife and my daughter!" I yelled now full on sobbing, the young girl nodded and still tried to lead me to the waiting room. I was getting extremely angry that they were trying to separate us, I told Regina that I would be with her the whole time and I meant it.

"Listen to me-!" I felt a hand on my shoulder and I spun around, Zelena was giving me a look that told me that I should not continue speaking.

"Robin, I know you told Regina that you wouldn't leave her but right now you need to let the doctors help her, both of them are going to be fine." She said, it sounded like she was trying to assure herself but I was still irritated.

"No! I need to be with her! None of this would have happened if you had just done your job correctly!" I yelled, it felt good in a way, taking out some of my stress on her.

"Excuse me! At least I was aware that my sister was having her baby and I was trying to help! I had no more control in the situation than you did and I did everything I could!" She yelled back, her stubbornness made my blood boil.


"OH YOU HAVE I HAVE NO MORE BLAME THAN YOU! MISS I AM NOT REALLY MARIAN OR PREGNANT!" I yelled back, I then realized that everyone in the waiting room was staring at us and I saw Zelena's eyes well up with tears.

"You know. Just tell my sister that I love her." She said storming out of the room, trying to hide her tears.

"Mr. Locksley?" I spun around and saw the doctor that had talked to us earlier in Regina's pregnancy. "Hi." I said walking up to her, she smiled and pulled her hair out of it's ponytail. "Well first off congratulations, and second I wanted you to know that your baby is now doing great, she is being given some oxygen right now and being cleaned up, but you were very lucky, whoever delivered your baby under such stressful circumstances, well you owe them a drink." She said smiling, I breathed in relief and then urged her to continue.

"We are still working on getting Regina stable, she lost some blood and when she was brought here she was unconscious so we are still working on her, but if you come with me you can go meet your daughter." She said smiling, I nodded and followed her into the room where I saw my little girl in the clear incubator. She put a bracelet on my wrist and walked me over to the holder.

Besides Regina she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, she had dark hair and cream colored skin, then when she opened her eyes they were a hazel blue that made my heart melt. I didn't realize the tears that were running down my face, she looked just like Regina and she made my cry even harder. "Can I hold her?" I begged the nurse, she smiled and squirted some hand sanitizer onto my hands. "Of course! She's your baby." She said lifting her from the incubator, gently placing her into my arms.

"Hi princess, it's daddy, I love you so much, you're my little miracle baby, don't you know that? You're my little baby that I love so much. You look just like your mother." I said wiping my tear.

"Mr. Locksley we have some news about Regina." Dr. Zambrano said, I quickly stood up and handed my baby to the nurse who put her down.

"She is awake and is stable now, she is stable now and is asking for you both." She said smiling, I wasted no time following the nurse down the hallway and over to the elevator. She was okay, Regina was okay.


I woke up with a scratchy gown on my body, my new body, my stomach was flat and I could see my toes again. I had an oxygen mask on my face and it was quiet in the room, what had happened? Was I dreaming everything? Where was Robin and my baby?

"Hello Regina!" The doctor said coming in with a clipboard, she was my doctor who took my sonogram! "Robin! Where's Robin and my baby?" I mumbled, the mask making my voice sound groggy.

"Robin is meeting your daughter for the first time, she's perfectly fine, would you like me to bring them in?" She asked with a hint of a smile, I nodded frantically and sat myself up in the bed. She giggled and walked over to me, replacing my mask with a cannula for my nose.

"I will be right back, mommy." She said winking, I rested my head back and sighed in relief, she was okay, and I was going to hold her.

The minutes that she was gone seemed like hours, but then I heard a quiet knock on the door, making me sit up in excitement. "Come in!" I said, the door creaked open and Robin opened the door pushing a clear cart with our daughter inside.

He smiled and lifted her out carefully, I held my breath as I held my arms out, he gently placed her in my arms and kissed me, I felt hot tears run down my face as I looked at her, suddenly the excruciating pain that I had gone through meant nothing, I would do it over and over again for her. She was perfect, she was the most beautiful little girl that I had ever seen.

"Hello my little girl, mama loves you, thank you for coming out of me so I could meet you." I said smiling, she made a noise and then opened her eyes and looked at me latching onto my finger. Emotion overwhelmed me and I couldn't stop crying, she was safe and healthy and absolutely perfect.

"What's her name?" Robin asked leaning over the bed, rubbing his finger against the smooth skin of her cheek. I rested my head against my pillow and brushed my thumb up and down her arm.

"Carolina Annabelle Locksley." I said staring at her sleep, she was incredible, we made her. She was the product of our love, and she was beautiful.

"The sorceress who is the product of the truest of love..." I woke up in a cold sweat and felt the town shake, the curse was happening, our daughter was the key, and we were not giving her up to this crazy man, we would go together. As a family.

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