Dangerous Lies

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2 months later

"You've worked too hard to get your happiness destroyed!" Emma yelled, I couldn't think, the darkness was clouding my head and I couldn't comprehend what I was hearing.

Suddenly the darkness was ripped away from me, making me feel nauseous, then I saw what was really happening, she was getting engulfed in it, it was devouring her. Robin caught me and I naturally grabbed onto him.

"Emma!" Hook called, but it was too late, she was gone, the dagger dropped on the asphalt with her name written in fancy script.

Hook ran up to me to accuse me but I started to feel weak, my knees unable to hold me anymore, then it went black.


"Regina? Regina!" I cried, feeling her crumple in my arms, she twitched then gagged, I turned her over and she got sick in her unconscious state. "Oh god what happened!" Snow cried, rushing over to us, I carefully lifted her into my arms and stared at her, I would not lose her again.

"Someone call an ambulance!" Snow yelled, wrapping her thick wool sweater around her stepmother who's lips were starting to turn a shade of purple.

"She's three months pregnant and has been having severe morning sickness and migraines! Oh and she was almost sucked up into the darkness! She just collapsed in my arms and I don't know what happened!" I cried as the young paramedic loaded her into the ambulance.

"You're going to help her right?!" I shook, she took a deep breath and put her bag inside. "The whole reason I do this is to help people, so yes, I have to." She said giving me a smile, she looked so similar to Regina it was almost frightening.

It was terrifying seeing her hooked up to all of those machines and wires, the young paramedic lifted her eyelids and shone a light into them.

"I can't tell, we have to see when we get there!" She growled, I just grabbed Regina's hand and started praying, I would not lose both of them.

"The baby? Is the baby okay!" I asked, the paramedic took out the machine and cut Regina's black and grey shirt, squirting the gel on her small bump. I saw her uterus pop up on the screen and then the faint sound of a heartbeat. She gave me a puzzled look and kept the monitor on.

"Your baby is alive." She said, the ambulance stopped and she immediately pulled Regina out and rushed her inside. I tried to follow but the nurses and doctors held me back, insisting that I waited in the lobby.

This was all my fault, she'd be okay if I had just stayed, if I hadn't gone, or slept with her sister or- her doctor came out in scrubs and smiled at me, then shook my hand.

"I'm Eva Zambrano, I am Regina's obstetrician and gynecologist, I just took a look at her and saw that her body was being overworked, it couldn't handle it, then with the pregnancy and the darkness ordeal, it being ripped away from her so fast made her body work overtime and it just collapsed. I also saw that she hasn't been getting nearly enough nutrition and sleep that she should be in this state of her pregnancy, and she's been under a lot of stress, that is not good, we don't want her getting high blood pressure or anxiety because it's not good for the mother or baby, so that was also a big factor playing in this and it all just hit her right now.

We believe that she will make a full recovery, but your baby still has to pull through, we are watching it very closely, when the paramedic brought them in your baby's heartbeat was very weak, since she is right about to start her second trimester we would want the heartbeat to be a bit more stronger, so we are going to keep her here for a while until we have them both under control. She is sleeping right now and when she wakes up I will fill her in, but if you would like to go and stay with her you are welcome to." She said standing up and leading me to the room where my soulmate was at.

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