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The Potion by bisexualreina
The Potionby Lainey
Everyone knows about Regina's heartbreaking past that involves a certain potion, lion tattoo, and her mother. But what if Cora Mills did something slightly outside of he...
Forbidden {Ever After High Fanfic} by camillazoetanya
Forbidden {Ever After High Fanfic}by camillazoetanya
Hunter and Ashlynn made it through second year but third year is starting. Parents are hosting balls, and thinking of legacies. Also can Ashlynn get through meeting Hunt...
OUAT Watches Disney by sydsorbet
OUAT Watches Disneyby sydsorbet
This is the thing that I've been told you didn't know that you wanted until you read it. The title is rather straightforward, you're getting what you think you're gettin...
Broken by bisexualreina
Brokenby Lainey
With the Evil Queen's returning threats, how will Regina handle these as a newly redeemed hero? Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters except for the ones I ha...
Frostbitten by WWELover555
Frostbittenby WWELover555
The third installment to 'Hooked By Fire.' After the shocking news Heidi received her whole life has been flipped upside down, and it only gets worse as Sienna makes her...
The Regal Ships by TheWinterWidow77
The Regal Shipsby Marvelous
A bunch of one-shots of OutlawQueen, EvilCharming, RegalBeliever, and several other ships. Some are friendship and some are romance, obviously RegalBeliever is mother/s...
Curse Gone Wrong by bisexualreina
Curse Gone Wrongby Lainey
When Emma sacrifices herself for Regina things get mixed up and she is now left with a bigger debacle than just finding her friend.
Kristoff x Anna (better name coming soon) by DuskTheNightLight
Kristoff x Anna (better name DuskTheNightLight
Quartine driving me up the wall, and I've started watching disney. Yup, that's right, I didn't watch disney when I was a child. Ill probably be doing ships of all of the...
When Frost meets Ice (Jelsa) by NathanielWilhelm
When Frost meets Ice (Jelsa)by NathanielWilhelm
Months before Elsa's coronation her ice powers take a turn for the worst. In order to become a good queen she must find some way to learn how to control them. In an old...
Once Upon A Time Frozen Over: Fjord of Fate (Book Two) by Kristannaslovechild
Once Upon A Time Frozen Over: Autumn Stella
The sequel to Once Upon A Time Frozen Over: Shards of Secrets The search for Flynn Rider continues, more monstrous beasts begin to terrorize Arendelle and new allies and...
The Devil Loves In Prada.- Peryl by chermeryl14
The Devil Loves In Prada.- Perylby Dana
Miranda Priestly...... Successful Woman. Legend. Boss to herself. The Dragon Lady. Snow Queen. One day....just A normal day for the legend. She comes a cross an inciden...
Tempest-A Jack Frost and Elsa Fanfiction by sydneyjohnson268
Tempest-A Jack Frost and Elsa Sydney W.
After defeating the fire giants years and years ago but losing his ice queen, Delani, in the process, Jack Frost is tormented by the memories, especially as the world ar...
The untold story: of Regina Mills by KatyCat08
The untold story: of Regina Millsby KatyCat08
When Emma and Hook travel back in time and bring back people from the past how will everyone react? For Regina this is like her worst nightmare. Though she ends up going...
She's Back by bisexualreina
She's Backby Lainey
Regina is mourning her love, when she thinks she has time to process losing the love of her life, her whole world gets turned upside down when the Queen makes her way to...
Love at Frost Sight (Jackfrostxreader) by AydenLeighMoynihan
Love at Frost Sight ( Ayden Moynihan
You were an ordinary girl, who lived in an ordinary least that's what you thought. When you meet the one and only Winter Spirit, your world, your life, everyt...
The Love of Friendship by bisexualreina
The Love of Friendshipby Lainey
When Regina split Snow and Charming's heart, it unfortunately did not work, now how will the two women learn to overcome their past to support each other now?
I Remember by bisexualreina
I Rememberby Lainey
While Regina deals with the sacrifice made by Emma Swan, how will she handle her new savior title when her son makes a horrible mistake.
Jelsa One Shots by criesinrussian
Jelsa One Shotsby fujo
Inspired by @silverslayed's 'Texting My Ex' (techinically Jelsa and friends chatting) and other stories :p P.S. I'M SORRY IF THE SOME OF THE CHARACTERS IN THE STORY HERE...
¡Vamos a España! by Ecofinisher
¡Vamos a España!by Ecofinisher
Rollan doesn't feel well and goes back to Spain. Gerda understood his reasons and offered him her pet as a companion during the time he's gone. Soon he discovers his mot...