The truth

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I ran downstairs and searched the lobby and street and couldn't find Regina anywhere. I ran down the street and kept dialing her phone number, terrified that she had done something and gotten hurt, this being her first trip outside of Storybrooke.

I breathed in relief when I saw her sitting on the curb with her face in her hands sobbing. Right as I was about to walk up to her someone drove by and splashed her with a puddle.


I ran up to her and moved her sobbing frame away from the street. "Hey, look at me. I'm sorry, it's going to be okay." I said hugging her tightly, she started blubbering into my shoulder and held me tighter, I was concerned, normally she would never admit that she was hurting.

"Let's get you some new clothes." I said pulling away, her clothes dripping with dirty street water, she sniffled and nodded, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and lead her over to apartments. "I'm going to go and grab our things." I said to her, she shook her head and stared at the door with a teary look. "It's okay, you can wait out here." I said nodding back at her, she backed away and stood at the end of the hall.

"Did you find her?!" Robin cried as I walked in, I sighed and nodded. "I have to talk to her, I need to apologize!" He cried, I started to protest but he was already past me before I could stop him.

I saw Zelena standing in the back of the apartment with a guilty expression. I desperately wanted to punch the sick bastard in the face but my friend needed me.


I felt sick to my stomach, and being pregnant didn't help.

"Regina!" I turned around and saw Robin running down the hallway towards me, I felt a lump rise in my throat and then tears come on.

"I don't-" He stopped me and grabbed my shoulders. "I'm sorry, I'm an ass, but I didn't know that she was Zelena, I thought it was my wife! I messed up and I am sorry, please find it in yourself to forgive me." He begged, I pushed him away and held up my left hand.

"You see this Robin! You promised that you were going to marry me! That we were going to spend the rest of our lives together! Then your wife came along and we had to separate, but I stayed faithful to you! You were my soulmate! The father of my baby! But you went and slept with my sister, you told me that you loved me then had sex with my sister! It doesn't work like that Robin, and quite frankly, right now I don't want to forgive you." I sobbed, stomping out of the apartment.


"You better start talking greenie." I said locking the door, Zelena looked up and opened to speak but then she clutched her chest in pain. "My heart!" She cried, I stomped over to her and plunged my hand into her chest, making her cry out.

"Gold! My heart! I didn't mean to do it!" She cried, sinking to the ground clawing at her chest, I nodded and pulled my hand out, she wasn't lying.

"Okay, here is some cash, get a hotel room, you want to stay far away from these two for a while." I said giving her a nod before exiting.

Regina was downstairs with a tear stained face and her wet jacket wrapped around her. "Come on, let's go." I said pushing her out of the door and down the street to our hotel.

"Well since money isn't really an issue in Storybrooke I was able to get us the nicest hotel in all of New York." I said sighing, walking into the Raddison, I heard the soggy click of Regina's heels follow behind me.

"I booked a large suite, it's under Emma Swan." I said handing my credit card over, Regina tried to take hers out but I just pushed her hand back, she had a rough enough night, and plus she invited me on this trip.

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