Screw Loose

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I slammed the door shut with such force that it should have broken in half. I had tears running down my face and I was freezing and heartbroken, I was a complete moron and idiot. I had left him again, I was now deliberately trying to stop my own happiness and I had no one to blame but myself.

Enchanted Forest

"Robin! Where are you?" I cried, running into my palace, he ran out of his chambers in the basement of the castle and clutched me close, pressing me against his chest, the smell of pine and mint filling my lungs. "What is it love?" He asked, rubbing my long curls, my heart beat coming back to a normal pace. "The curse, Snow and Charming want to enact it, one of them is going to kill the other and I don't want to lose you!" I sobbed, he just held me tighter and kissed my forehead gently, bringing a smile to my lips.

"We have been together for nearly a year! There is no way I will ever leave you! I love you so much, that is stronger than any curse that you could procure!" He said stroking my cheek, I smiled and felt calm again, he always knew how to make me feel better.

"I better go." I said sadly, slamming my lips onto his, he started moving his in sync with mine, desperate for love and us. "I love you." I whispered, my dark blue dress contrasting with his simple cloaks. "And I you." He managed to say, holding my hand for as long as possible before I walked away.


"Regina what is it?" I nearly incinerated Snow out of defense, jumping at her voice. "How the hell did you get in!" I yelled, wiping my tears quickly, she rolled her eyes and slowly got up.

"It's nothing. It's a long story." I said sighing, not wanting to have a heart to heart, I just wanted my son back and to go back to our normal lives without true loves or soulmates.

She shrugged and followed me into the kitchen. "So... What's up?" She asked cautiously, I sighed and kicked off my stilettos into the corner, normally the disorganization would have driven me insane, but I had no one to impress. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing." I muttered, pulling out a frozen chicken pot pie and shoving it into the microwave. I was trying to let my thick headed stepdaughter know that I was not in the mood for small talk but she ignored me.

"Well I think I know how we can get our memories back." She said smiling, I turned away from my steaming meal and looked at her, she smirked and crossed her arms. "Now you want to talk to me?" She said raising her eyebrow, my patience was growing slim and I just wanted the answers.

"Emma finally remembered, she touched me and she remembered!" Snow exclaimed, a glimmer of hope started to break through my dark heart and I stared at her. "Then Henry can remember me." I whispered, she nodded and attempted to stand, this time I helped.

"Then let's go."


We all stood at the docks while Zelena had my son's neck in her hands, his eyes darted around for Emma but she was tied up with an invisibility wrap, Snow and Killian were behind me, I was doing my best to shield her with my body, after all it was her idea to come.

"PUT HIM DOWN!" I yelled, forming a fire ball in my hand, Henry's eyes grew and I shot it towards her, making Zelena release my son. "HENRY COME HERE!" I yelled, he didn't waste any time sprinting towards me and hiding behind my body.

"I WILL WIN! I WILL HAVE YOUR HEART!" Zelena yelled in a maniac outrage before disappearing.

"Henry?" I said gently, touching his wrist slightly, suddenly his eyes widened and he gasped, standing back. "Mom?" He shuddered, I felt tears well up in my eyes and I nodded, wrapping him tightly in my arms, planting a firm kiss on his forehead, suddenly a white aura shot out from us and I stumbled back, memories of the past year flooding my memory.

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