Mother's Day

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Shit. "Okay, you're going to be fine! Let's get you to the hospital." I said smiling, she groaned and nodded, taking my hands as I helped her down the stairs.

Emma followed her mother into the hospital room and I called Robin, I needed him and his Merry Men to come and guard the door from my psychotic sister who was planning on stealing this baby from Snow.

"Mom? Is grandma going to be...okay?" Henry asked, bouncing his legs slightly, I looked over at him and smiled, rubbing his cheek slightly. "She is going to be fine, she's a tough cookie." I said crossings my legs, slightly stressed over the whole situation.

"Regina?" Emma called, I looked up and saw her with a worried expression on her face. "Yeah Swan?" I said walking up to her, she just grabbed my arm and started walking. "She wants you, she is flipping out and needs you in there." Emma stated, I stuttered and nodded, following the blonde into the room.

"Snow you have to push!" Whale begged, I rushed in and took her hand, giving her a smile as she worked, her grip bruising my hand, Emma looked up at me and smiled when we heard the sound of a little baby crying.

"It's a boy!" Emma said crying, I reached over and rubbed the baby's hand, hugging Snow as she gazed at her new baby.

They carried him away to the incubator where they were measuring and cleaning him. I snapped a bunch of pictures and put my phone away, smiling at the baby who was so alert.

The nurse handed him over to Emma who handed him off to Snow and then left the room while the three of us just sat and stared at him.

"What is his name?" Emma asked, some of the color returning to her face. Snow smiled and looked down at her son. "Yes, Neal-David James Nolan." She said rocking him gently, I just stared on and smiled at them, glad to see their old personalities returning.

"I think it's Aunty Regina's turn to hold you!" Snow cooed, handing Neal over to me. He was so small and delicate, reminding me of Henry at his age, he looked just like him. Emma took a picture of me holding him on Snow's phone and then laughed at her brother's noises that he made.

"Congratulations Snow." I said smiling, handing her son back to her awaiting arms, she returned one and looked up at me with a tearful smile. "Thank you." She said nearly crying, and I knew it wasn't over the compliment I gave her about her son.

"Milady?" Robin said taking my hands as I walked out into the lobby with Henry. I smiled and leaned into him, allowing him to embrace me in public, I felt him kiss my forehead and then pull away, turning his attention towards Henry.

"I don't believe we have met, I am Robin Hood, congratulations on your new uh- uncle?" Robin said looking at me for confirmation as he shook his hand. "Oh, thanks, I'm Henry, Regina's son." He said shaking it back, I nodded awkwardly and then quickly pecked him on the lips before I led Henry out of the hospital.

"Come on over later, Henry is going to be with Emma so..." I whispered, winking at him before I followed Henry out to the car.

"Have fun on your date mom.." Henry said smirking as I started cooking dinner, I nearly spilled the lasagna sauce all over me when I heard his voice. "What? How did you-" I stuttered, he just chuckled and adjusted his backpack as he walked towards me.

"Mom? You were hugging and kissing him when you thought I was getting a snack before we left, then I heard that you invited him over tonight, and I know that it's a date because you like him, he makes you... happy?" He said, his mood shifting, I put my spatula down and wiped my hands off on my apron.

"I was already happy Henry, I had you! Sweetie you were always enough! I thought that I wouldn't be able to live without you, but when I found Robin, he helped me find that light again, you occupy my whole heart because you are my son, my baby that I love so much. You make me the happiest person, but Robin just adds to that, okay? Now, do you want some lasagna before I take you?" I said pulling my dish out of the oven. "No thanks mom, I am actually going out tonight." He said looking down, it took everything in me not to drop the dish and find this girl and threaten her to not hurt my son. "Oh? With who?" I said trying to remain calm and relaxed in the presence of my son. "Her name is Viola, she is Anna and Elsa's niece, she's great." He said with a goofy smile on his face, I couldn't help but feel happy for him. "That's great sweetheart, remember to be safe and let Emma know when she has to get you." I said kissing his cheek, he nodded and hugged me tightly before he ran out of the house. "WAIT HENRY!" I called, I heard his footsteps run back into the kitchen. "Here." I said pulling my wallet out of my purse, handing him twenty dollars. "Have fun." I said smiling, he grinned and hugged me again. "Thanks mom."

I heard a knock at the door and my stomach churned in nerves.

"Good evening Regina." Robin said smiling at me, I couldn't help but smirk back at him, pulling him into the house.

"Are you hungry?" I asked, leading him into the living room, he chuckled and shook his head. "No, Roland insisted that we had our traditional burger night, so we ate before I came, I'm sorry love, I should have called." He said, his expression turning serious, I just smiled at him and sat him down next to me.

"It's fine, I'm just glad to be with you." I said smiling, he eased up and scooted closer to me.

"Well I am glad that we destroyed that blasted witch, and that your friend is okay." He said somberly, I sighed and pulled my legs under me, resting my head on his chest.

"Me too, it is going to be nice having some peace and quiet in this town for a while, hopefully it lasts." I said looking down, Robin then tilted my chin up and kissed me. "Well I can assure you that tonight will not be quiet..." He said grinning, I giggled and kissed him back with a little more force, his hands tangling in my hair, then moving down to the zipper of my black dress from the funeral.

Suddenly our bodies were pressed together, and Robin flipped me on top of him, teasing me with his kisses, then I snapped my fingers and we were upstairs, we were together, he was actually here, he loved me and I loved him. This was the man I was going to marry, we were soulmates, and this is what a soulmate felt like.

I woke up and the bed was empty, my heart sank and I pulled the sheet over me just in case Henry was here and Robin left. I heard a commotion downstairs and I pulled on a pair of my silk pajamas, the waistband getting slightly tighter, I groaned and cursed the stupid brownies that my pregnant stepdaughter kept making in the Enchanted Forest.

"Robin- how could you do this I'm your wi-" A woman with brown hair stopped yelling and glared at me, Robin looked up and squeezed his eyes shut, Emma and Henry were also standing there awkwardly. "Robin who is this?" The woman said in a sharp tone, I raised my eyebrows and crossed my arms at her. "I'm Regina." I said in a matter of fact tone. She then widened her eyes and glared at Robin, her old clothes confusing me. "Robin! She's the Evil Queen! We have to get out of here!" She exclaimed, Emma stepped in front of me and held her hand out. "Watch it." She said in a low voice, Robin nodded in agreement and crossed his arms. "She's not like that anymore!" He yelled, I shook my head in confusion and cleared my throat.

"Okay, who the hell are you?" I snapped, I didn't care who she was but I knew she was irritating and I wanted her out of my house.

"I'm Marian, I'm Robin's wife."

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