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Will and I decided to stay in the resort for a week after the wedding, I was almost five months pregnant and the morning sickness finally stopped, but the spandex was not hiding my bump as well as before, it was noticeable without the spandex, and I was stressing that Regina would find out, at least her honeymoon would give me some time to think.

Will had gone downstairs to get our tickets, we were going to fly down to a place called Florida, where we would go to another place called Disneyworld. I stood up and pulled the drawer open looking for my spandex but Will must have packed it away. I sighed and grabbed my clothes, stepping into the bathroom and turning on the shower.

I heard the door open and I figured Will was back because I smelled French toast from downstairs that I had been telling him about. I quickly pulled on my leggings and blue shirt that cinched above my distinctive bump. I ran a brush through my curls and massaged some product in and rushed out, stopping at the closet so I could grab my boots.

"Thank you for bringing that babe!" I said struggling with my boot, I hopped away from the closet still struggling to reach the shoe, it was odd, he was dead silent. "Can you help me with my-." I looked up and my throat tightened, my sister stood in the room and was looking down but then faced me, her expression dropping when I stood up.

She looked hurt and set the tray down on the bed. "Regina I was going to tell you-." She crossed her arms and started walking out of the room with a hard look on her face.

"Wait Regina! No! Please let me explain!" I cried, pushing her back, she shook her head and gave me an exasperated look. "No! I gave you multiple opportunities to tell me and you didn't! You lied to me! You hid this from me!" She cried, moving out of the way, I tried to stop her again but she pulled away, slamming the door behind her. "Please Regina! I'm scared." I cried, sinking on top of the bed.


I stalked down the hallway in anger, how could she not tell me! I was her sister! Did she not trust me? How long was she going to keep it from me!

Snow popped out from her room and quietly shut her door, blocking my way. "I'm not in the mood Snow." I said crossing my arms, she did the same and stayed put.

"Come here." She said pulling me into the room, I scowled and sat down, staring at Neal who was playing in his playpen.

"You found out about Zelena?" She said raising her eyebrow. "She told you before me?!" I exclaimed, Snow rolled her eyes and shook her head. "No. I guessed on your wedding day, she didn't want to tell you because she didn't want to take away from your day, she wanted to tell you but she was afraid that you wouldn't be happy about it, she was trying to protect you." She said slowly, I groaned in annoyance and threw my hands up. "Of course I would be happy! But I had to find out by walking in on her!" Snow gave me a look and crossed her legs.

"She sounds very similar to this one friend I knew who didn't tell her son about being pregnant and he had to find out when his mom almost miscarried and nearly died right in front of him." She said tilting her head, I pursed my lips in annoyance, she was right, I had done the exact same thing. I stood up and stalked out of the room and back over to Zelena's.

I quietly knocked on the door and then it quickly opened, Zelena had puffy red eyes from crying. "Regina! I'm so sorry!" She sobbed, I held my arms out to try and calm her down but she kept hiccuping cries in front of me. I took a deep breath and shut the door behind me.

"Hey, Zelena, it's okay." I said sitting beside her, she sniffled and wiped her nose with her hand, giving me a nervous look. "Zelena I'm happy for you, I really am." I said smiling slightly, she looked up and exhaled. "You are?" She whimpered, I chuckled and grabbed a tissue, wiping her eyes and nose. "Of course I'm happy for you, I just wished you told me sooner." She started to state her case but I held my hand up. "But I shouldn't have gotten so angry, I did the exact same thing." I said taking her hands, she nodded and burst into tears. "Regina I'm scared, what am I going to do!" She cried, her breath shallowing.

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