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Shit. It didn't work, this damn girl almost got herself and her baby killed! Her blind faith is starting to get reckless.

"Regina! What happened! He's not waking up!" Snow cried over her husband's body, kissing him repeatedly, similar to the night I cast the curse.

"Snow, honey, it's not going to work, he is unfortunately gone." I said lowering down to her level, pulling her away from his corpse. "Regina what am I going to do!" She cried, I suddenly did not see the strong princess who ran from me defiantly, or the girl who saved my life from my own Black Knights, this was the little girl who I pulled off of the horse, the girl who had cried over her fear with her wide eyes and trembling shoulders. She knew how it felt, to lose her child, to give them up, now she had lost her husband to dark magic again, I looked back on our year here, and I was not ready to go back to Storybrooke where I would forget all of this progress, where I would lose my friend.

"I don't know, but you won't be alone. I promise that." I said hugging her, the green and purple smoke engulfing us and clouding our brains.


Henry. I had just said goodbye, he had just left and my heart ached for my little prince. My house was still here, in the same pristine state that I had left it in before leaving to stop Pan's curse.

I convinced myself to drag out of bed and throw on another ridiculous mayor outfit and go to my mundane job.

As I put on my jewelry I heard someone bang on my door frantically, I sighed and walked out of my room, my chest aching as I passed the vacant room in the hall, covered in toys and comic books, memories of laughter and joy filling the air.

I opened the door and had to stop myself from gasping. "Snow? Uh what..." I started, she looked like she was on the brink of tears and held her arms out as if her body was now foreign to her.

"Regina! I am pregnant! What the hell happened! I can't find David anywhere and I don't know what's going on and now I'm really emotional!" She cried, I nodded and stepped back, letting her in.

"Okay, Snow calm down. What was the last thing you remember?" I asked curious to see if she couldn't remember anything. "Uhh.. Saying goodbye to Emma and watching her and Henry drive away." She whimpered, touching her stomach carefully, as if she would break it. "Hmm.. Me too. Okay, let's figure this out, you weren't pregnant when they left right?" I said sitting down in the study, she followed and shut the door behind her. "No, I wasn't. I must've gotten pregnant up there." She said sighing, I started counting in my head and got up, returning to the room with two cups of tea.

"What's this for?" She asked suspiciously, I rolled my eyes and pushed the steaming mug towards her. "Drinking?" I said taking a sip out of mine, she nodded frantically and took it. "Well let's go to the doctors and see what is going on, and how far along you are." I said standing up and grabbing my coat, she looked at me with a nervous look. "What?" I said flatly, wrapping my thick black coat around me, only my black tights and high stilettos showing. "It's just- what if something happened to David? I have a bad feeling about this." She said crossing her arms, I pursed my lips and walked back over to her, not knowing how to comfort her.

"Hey, have hope." I said winking, she gave a slight smile and then stood up slowly, grabbing my arm to stable herself, I gave her an awkward smile and then walked out to the car.

"Mary Margaret Blanchard." The nurse said holding the door open, I helped Snow out of her seat and followed her into the room.

"I can step out if you would rather?" I said uncomfortably sitting with my purse in my lap, all of the diagrams stressing me out. "Can you stay actually, I just don't want to be alone." She said swinging her legs on the table, I nodded and gripped my purse tighter.

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