Capítulo Final

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***Last chapter everyone. I'm happy for everyone who read it and enjoy it. I'm writing a season 2 and it will call A Civil War upon US. Thank you all.***

Natasha was in her room when she heard pounding on the door. She knew it was Steve. She didn't answer. Steve started shouting outside.

S: I know you're there. Natasha, open this door.

Natasha was silent, barely breathing to see if Steve gave up and walked away. Steve hit harder.

S: I pull down the door if necessary, I'm serious.

Steve didn't stop beating the door and now he screamed even more.


Okay, now he was going to call the attention of the entire base for them both. Dammit Steve! Sharon was already hurt and Natasha was already remorseful enough. Steve should be remorseful too but he is here knocking on the fucking door.

Natasha opened the door abruptly.

N: What?

S: I love you.

N: Steve, you're crazy.

S: Maybe, let me in.

N: No.

S: Why not?

N: Because you know what will happen if you came in.

S: Do you prefer I speak here for everyone to hear? I will speak, I'll confess, I'll call all of them.

Natasha was red with anger, she grabbed Steve by his collar and shoved him in the room.

N: Nothing will happen in that room. Understood?

S: Why?

N: What do you mean by 'why'? You must have lost your mind.

S: I love you and you love me. What's wrong with that?

N: I do not love you.

S: No?

Natasha sighed, Steve was being too racy.

S: You don't love me... Okay. But you feel something for me. You admitted just now.

N: So what? What it matters? Do you realize what just happened? Sharon caught us, she hates me, she hates you. We were both false with her. Don't you feel bad?

S: I do, Natasha. But I felt worse when I was cheating on her. We are free now, you want to wait how long to admit there's something between us. How long it takes for this to be decent?

Steve took a step toward Natasha which took a step backwards.

N: I'm serious, nothing will happen.

S: Ok, it's fine.

N: Fine?

Steve came over Natasha, she took another step back and bumped into the wall, already feeling her heart race more.

S: Uh-huh. We don't have to do anything. But I don't want to spend the night without you, nor the next night, not the night after that.

Steve was close enough to reach his hands on Natasha's waist. Natasha closed her eyes.

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