Capítulo 3

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It's morning at the base of New Avengers, and the Avengers gather in the kitchen for breakfast. They are all friends, but they always form groups for meals. Usually the groups are:

1 - Tony, Bruce, Helen Cho, Thor and James Rhodes. Oh, and Clint when he is not in home.

2 – Steve, Natasha, Sharon, Hill, Sam and Bucky(I mean when he feels good to be around people, he is still recovering from brainwash) Oh, and Clint.

3 – Wanda, Visão and Pietro and Clint.

No, no it is not crazy, Clint defines where will sit based on what each group is eating or talking about, when he notes that somebody is too focused in talk than eat, he sits there and eat other's food.

Well, this morning, neither Steve or Natasha appeared to eat. Steve wanted to avoid more contact with Natasha and Natasha thought Steve would try to avoid her or get uncomfortable, then she only did the favor of not appear.

Natasha decided it was better to go to the training center and forward the day's activities to the New Avengers and Steve had the same idea. They arrived in the hall at the same time and when they found themselves, they stopped, frozen, staring at each other without reaction. They did not know if they should turn around and leave, if they pretended to be going elsewhere or if they would greet each other. Both started walking toward each other. It was pointless try to escape, it was obvious that the two had the same idea to advance the activities.

Steve was serious, but polite, he opened the door and without look in Natasha's eyes, said:

S: Miss Romanoff...

Natasha had expected this kind of reaction, just nodded positively and entered the center. She hated this situation with all her strength. She loved so much Steve's company, she loves to make fun of him, see him blush and now because of a kiss in the rain, it seemed that every relationship of them had gone to the trash. Again!

N: I'll check the combat simulators.

S: The Maximoff girl need to spend more time in the simulators, she loses focus easily when it comes to multiple opponents.

Natasha nodded and headed to adjust the simulators. The simulators were glass chambers that when activated, turned a 3D reality for those who are in it and allows those who are outside, observe their training. Once Natasha came into this chamber and began to enter the program for Wanda, she noticed that someone else entered the training center with a small tray with breakfast. Sharon.

Sharon was very anxious to talk with Steve since the night before and how he did not show up for dinner and even for coffee, she put coffee and some fruit on a tray and went to Steve's room. Realizing the empty room, she knew that he could only be on training or conference center, but in the conference center without Tony and Thor, it was unlikely, then she went to the training center. Bingo!

Sharon: Mornin, Captain.

Steve turns and looks Sharon with the tray. He smiles.

S: You did not have to bother.

Sharon: There was no bother at all, you didn't eat anything yesterday and I was worried when you did not show up for coffee. Is it everything all right?

S: Yes. Thank you.

Sharon: You know... If you want to ask me to that coffee again, I would say yes now.

S: Oh yeah? What made you change your mind?

Sharon: I always wanted to say yes, but a series of circumstances prevented me at the time. So... Are you going to invite me?

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