Capítulo 15

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Maria Hill left the base of the Avengers, got into her car and headed for her apartment, which was about two hours away from the base. On the road, she got stuck in the traffic because of an accident.

What the fuck, what a beautiful day you had, Maria... Hill thought. The whole day meeting with Tony and Pepper, supervise SHIELD missions of the day, worrying about Natasha, make missions reports to Fury... Yes, Maria was exhausted, she works very hard.

After 3 hours, she arrives in the building where she lives. She parks the car in the garage, take a bag with her dinner and heads for the elevator.

Arriving at her floor, Hill noticed that her lock had been stirred. She put her bag on the floor, drew her weapon and opened the door slowly.

Hill step in the apartment with her gun in hand and took a fright when she saw five young people sitting in her room, eating popcorn, watching TV and laughing. Maria didn't understand anything, they were just kids and didn't seen to be a threat. If they were older, she would have shot everyone, but she concluded that they must be drunk, so she crashed a vase on the floor to get their attention and succeeded.

H: Okay, I don't know how you got in here, that door is coded. You must have some little genius in your group. Look, this weapon here is true. Don't make me shoot you, just go away.

Everyone looked perplexed, when they finished listening to the speech, they began to laugh.

- Look, this is Maria. - Said one of them.

- Of course it is , she is not changed at all. - Said the only girl of the group.

- Oh no, she's hotter now - Said the oldest of the group.

Maria was still confused, they knew her name.

H: Who are you? Are you from SHIELD?


- Yes, SHIELD, we heard about it.

H: ENOUGH!!! Say who you are, or I'll shoot and what kind of clothes are these?

A red-haired boy with blue eyes, got up and came over Maria, who was still on the defensive, but something about him bring confidence.

- Sorry for breaking in, we know each other, believe me, or better saying we will meet in the future.

H: Future?

- My name is James. James Rogers. This is Torunn, that is Francis Barton, and the youngest are Henry Pym Jr. and Azari T'Challa.

When James finished the presentation, Hill was impatient, she was so tired, had a hard day and now appears those kids with those names, saying they know her. Why they used the last names of the Avengers? They're crazy.

Anyone would believe they're just playful teens, Maria believed it, but looking James, she saw Steve in his eyes and someone else she didn't identify and then she noticed how Francis also looks like Clint, like Pym looks like Hank, she just didn't identify who Torunn and Azari look like.

This is not possible, someone really struggled to find people similar to the Avengers to make a joke with me. With me? They don't usually preach trick on me because they know I'm serious. Maria stayed a while thinking to herself.

James came up with a very small tablet that projected 3D images.

J: I know it can be very confusing but I have a recording of yourself in the future, so you can believe.

H: Recording of my myself from the future?

Hill said with a mocking tone. It couldn't be real.

James put the device on the ground and it designed a 3D full size image of Maria Hill. Hill was shocked with the technology and with that woman, she walked around the 3D and analyzed everything. It was herself. How? Well, if they did a 3D mold to try to convince her, it wouldn't be too difficult to do.

The Hill 3D, started to move and speak.

H3D: Yeah, I know you will not believe, and you will suspect it is only a template, but if it were, they would have forgotten a detail. Detail that only you and I know about.

Hill 3D, unbuttoned her pants and showed the birthmark that was near her butt. Hill took a fright, really, nobody knows about that. This was real, it's happening.

When Hill unbuttoned her pants, Francis Barton whistled. Torunn elbowed him.

Hill looked at them.

H: What are you doing here?

Pym: The Ultron! Ultron is not dead, he is alive.

Azari: Pym! I was the one who was going to say that!!!!

Torunn: Shut up you two, it wasn't to say like that.

H: Ultron is alive?

James: Yes, Maria. He hid in an old device, which was disconnected for many years, but some curious kid got that device and repaired it and connected on the Internet. Ultron spread again all over the world and he was silent this time. Maria, in our time, nothing has left.

H: What? What abot the Avengers?

Francis: There is no Avengers in the future, just us.

H: What? This is not possible. Are you their children, right?

Torunn nodded.

H: So they have to exist in the future, otherwise you wouldn't have been born.

J: Maria, when the Avengers learned about Ultron, it was too late. Uncle Tony knowing this, managed to hide us and you helped Tony and you asked for him to stay with us there.

H: I would never do that, Tony is responsible for Ultron, he should fight Ultron.

J: No, Maria. You already knew that the world could no longer be saved, you made a promise to my mother. You swore you would protect me, and you know that the only one who could hide from Ultron was Tony.

Hill sighed and sat down. Lots of information for her. She knows that James's father is Steve, but she still doesn't know that Natasha is the mother.

Torunn held in the hand of Maria.

T: I'm sorry. We don't have much time here, we create a tunnel that travels through time. We came to prevent that device is connected again on the internet.

Francis: We need to go Sokovia!

H: What?

James: Yes, the device is there.

Pym: Can I see my father?

Azari: I also want to see my parents.

Torunn: No. We've talked about it, they don't know who we are, Pym.

Azari: But we could pretend to be other people, we could...

Azari and Pym were very sad. In fact, they all were, they wanted to meet their parents. But it could change the history or cause mental confusion. Maria from future forbade them to speak or see their parents.

Maria was always honest with them, but the truth hurt.

In the future, she told stories about their parents, she said to James how much Natasha suffered by having to let him go. Steve suffered a lot too, of course, but Natasha was devastated, in the day that they picked James, she locked herself in the room with him and Steve had to break the door, she even fight with Steve, nearly killed the officers who came to pick him.

Natasha only stopped fighting for James, when Bruce sedated her. She was keep sedated for three days, the pain she felt was too much for her. She couldn't handle the fact that Steve didn't let her fight for her son, she break up with him for one whole year and then they came back together, but it was too late, because the Avengers were murdered three days after that by Ultron.


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