Chapter 2

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Clint Barton helped Steve and Natasha to get in the jet.

C: How was the honeymoon?

Natasha look immediately to Clint, completely in shock, wondering if he saw the kiss between her and Steve, but with his expression she know that he was only joking. Clint naturally though that Natasha reacted weird and he is a clever guy, something bothered Natasha, and then he looks to Steve, or a tomato Steve, acting very awkward and disturbed... So he look again to Natasha and then to Steve. He knows what happened.

Natasha already knew that he would figure it out, and it was her fault for reacting to his joke. Damn it, Clint. She thought. She stares Clint and the way she was looking, Clint smirks and shake his head. He was crazy to say something like 'You two kissing in the rain, huh' or something like 'Poor Steve, got stuck on a spider web', however he didn't said anything, he didn't want Laura to become a widow and Nathaniel Pietro is too young to not have his father around.

After that, the only sound in the jet was coming from turbines. Steve was quiet, trying to not let Natasha know that he is staring at her. Natasha is pretending not to see Steve staring at her and Clint is asking why the hell he offered to rescued them when Laura is making delicious cookies at home.

As soon as they arrived to the New Avengers basis, Natasha stepped out from the jet without even looking to Steve and didn't thank Clint. Steve wasn't surprise but still he felt disappointed and wondering how can she pretend so easy and if she pretends with Bruce the way she pretend with him. He decided that Natasha was being honest with Bruce and she just like to tease him, so he should definitely keep that old feelings for himself. Again.

Clint noticed how disturbed Steve was, but he thought it was a bad idea to talk about Natasha with Steve. Clint knows Natasha very well but she can fool him when she really wants, so he didn't understand why Natasha was suddenly trying to date Bruce, but Laura convinced Clint that Natasha is really into Bruce and he can't argue with his wife.

C: I know you're a super soldier but it is really cold here, better change this clothe.

S: Yeah. Right. Thanks, Hawkeye.

Steve was on his way to his room when Agent Hill appeared in the hall way.

H: Was the mission succeed?

S: What are you doing here?

H: What I am doing here? I work here.

S: The last time I checked, Fury hired you again and Tony dismissed you.

H: Ya, but SHIELD and the Avengers need each other, you know that, right? I am really busy today, so let's just make things easier, give it to me so I won't have to steal from you.

S: Good lucky with that.

Steve ignored Hill and let her talking alone as he stepped into his room.

H: At least I tried to be nice.

Hill whispered to herself.

Steve was hungry and dirty and wet, so he decided to take a shower before dinner. After putting his clothes on, he goes to the kitchen, but he stop in the hallway and watches through a window glass Bruce and Natasha talking. He didn't know what are they talking about, but he seems happy talking to Natasha. Bruce touch her face and hug her. Steve felt like a knife was ripping his chest, he put his hood on, leaves the kitchen and go back to his room, he was furious and sad. More furious than sad.

Sharon was in that kitchen too, she saw the way Steve was looking to Natasha and Bruce, but she didn't understand why he was strange, she had no idea. She was excited to see Steve and was hoping him to join her to eat and was immediately disappointed when he just turned around and disappeared.

Steve almost broke the door when he closed it kicking in frustration and started to think: She was faking it, I told you, Steve. Why are you sad? She is like that, she's a spy, what were you expecting to happen? She kissed you with no regret because she like to tease, she likes Bruce. Steve punched the wall. It is not her fault since you never told her how you feel. Take her advice and start to date other girls.


Sharon was watching Bruce and Natasha in the kitchen.

Sharon: I never imagined to see you two together...

Bruce was uncomfortable, he didn't knew someone was observing them.

B: No... We are n-

Sharon: Oh I know, it's ok. I bet soon you two will be together and that is very cute. You guys are made one for another.

N: Why?

Sharon: I don't know, but everyone who see you two together will think the same. Steve for example, he came here and was staring you for a while, he even forget to come to the kitchen, I think he was afraid to bother you. Anyway it's late, I'll leave you two alone. Good night.

B: Good night.

The minute Sharon announced that Steve was watching she and Bruce, Natasha gets very disturbed. She knows that Steve knows about her and Bruce, but she kissed him a few hours ago and she didn't know what he was feeling or thinking. He's gonna think I'm cold. She thought. And I am, but I hate to disappoint Steve. But maybe is better this way.

B: Nat? Natasha? Hello? Is there someone in home?

N: W-what? Sorry.

B: It's okay. What is going on, you seem distracted...

N: Nothing.

Natasha forced a smile.

N: I'm just tired, I think I'm going to sleep.

B: You must be indeed.

Bruce scratched his neck, he was tense.

B: Maybe you can come to my room.

Bruce immediately try to explain himself, he didn't want Natasha to think he was inviting her for sex, the last time she invited him to a shower, he refused. Actually he wants, but he is a gentleman, tho.

B: To sleep of course. If you want...

Natasha smiled.

N: Bruce, I... I'd rather not to. Not today.

B: Sure. No problem.

N: Maybe next time...

B: Yeah.

Bruce consent with his head, a little disappointed. Natasha kissed his cheek and moved to her room.

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