Capítulo 29

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**This chapter is a little longer than usual because is the penultimate chapter! The fic is coming to an end. =(**

After 1 week doing physical therapy, Steve had already recovered his body. Thanks to serum that runs through his veins. Today he was liberate to go home. Sam and Sharon picked him at the hospital.

Sharon: Finally, honey.

Sharon went to Steve and gave him a peck, making Steve feel uncomfortable again. It was visibly clear that he didn't feel good with the situation. Dating someone you don't even know and not feel a thing to see that person, it's very weird.

In other hand, Sam was the exception, he loved to meet Sam. Sam was funny and gave an MP3 for him, full of music and he forced Steve to listen to while he was in the hospital.

One night, Natasha took the MP3 to analyze the songs and she rolled her eyes. Steve laughed. Natasha complained that only had hip-hop and put several other songs and said that Steve would be dead if not heard her songs.

Sam: Are you ready to go home, dude?

S: More than ready, dude.

They both laughed and left the hospital with Sharon of course.

Inside the car, Sharon was in the back, Sam driving and Steve alongside Sam. Steve talked as if Sharon was not there, which was hurting Sharon because he is been acting like that since he woke up.

Sam noticed and tried to bring her to talk, but Steve simply got distracted looking out the window every time she said something.

When they arrived at the base of the Avengers, everyone was there. Tony organized a surprise party.

Steve didn't recognize any faces but Sam, Sharon, Carol and Natasha who were visiting him in the hospital... but he was friendly, and greeted everyone.

Tony: DORITO!!! Oh dorito, welcome again. I know you don't remember anything, but the most important thing is that I'm the boss here. Don't worry about a thing.

Tony said as he hugged his friend.

Pepper: Tony! Steve he is a liar... I am happy to see you again. I'm Pepper Potts.

T: Cough cough, Stark.

Pepper sighed and rolled her eyes.

P: I'm not taking your name.

T: I know, but see that Pepper Stark fits more. Name of power, you should think about it, honey.

Pepper withdrew because Tony always tries to convince her to put his last name. It had six months they were married, and the fight was always that. Tony ran after Pepper.

Steve watched uncomprehendingly. He thought Pepper is verybeautiful and friendly.

Carol Danvers came running passing through the crowd, pulling Jessica by the hand.

Carol: STEVE!

Carol jumped on Steve, hugging him.

Carol: We missed you so much. You don't remember, but that's Jessica Drew. My best friend. If it weren't for you, she would be in jail.

S: For me?

J: Yes. Thank you for everything and welcome, Captain.

Steve was embarrassed, many people, too much information. His eyes circled the room looking for a certain pair of eyes he kept thinking about it.

When he saw a woman's back with red hair, he suspected it was Natasha. He tried to go to her, but had a lot of people wanting to talk to him. Every time he got close, there was someone else coming in front of him, shaking his hand, saying they miss him.

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