Capítulo 16

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Maria assimilated all the information and didn't realize that the sun was already shinning. Torunn warned that they had five days to complete the mission. Now Maria had to find an excuse to not to attend the meeting with Stark and later not meet with Fury. Go through Stark it would be easy, now to fool Fury... More complicated.

Pym: I'm hungry.

Azari: Me too.

Francis: We are all hungry. You have nothing in your refrigerator.

Hill: I'm not a babysitter, you are grown older, go out to eat.

James: We have no money. Not from this time.

Hill sighed.

H: It was just what I needed. Here, take it and go buy something to eat and come back immediately, do not leave here. I'll take a bath and go back to Avengers base, I will return before noon.

Francis: Can I join you?

Francis flirted. Hill just look at him. After that look, Francis would never joke with Maria again..

F: Well... Lets go, Torunn.

They all stood to leave.

F: Hey, hey, hey, where do you think you're going? Y'all can sit and wait.

P: I can't stand to be here in this apartment anymore, I want to go out.

F: Pym, you always flee and got trouble, act like a man and stay here.

Q: I am a man!

A: No, you are a chicken, frightened, fearful!

Pym flushed with anger, his temper was very explosive, he advanced upon Azari. James held him.

J: Pym, we have a mission, remember? I need you to help us. I need you to stay here and take care of the apartment. You and Azari are better at it. I don't trust anyone to do this, but you and Azari. So what you say?

Pym calmed down and sat on the couch.

Francis: Ham... James, you can stay too, and I will bring all. Me and Torunn.

Said Francis, already putting his arm around Torunn. Torunn at the same time held his wrist and twisted, making him go to the ground.

T: I've told you, do not to touch me, I am not yours.

F: Hey, calm down, girl.

Torunn released him and left the apartment, slamming the door.

F: She is just jealous of Hill.

James shook his head.

J: Come on.

While they were in search for breakfast, Hill got ready and went back to the base of the Avengers, the corridors were empty, so they only could be at the dining room having breakfast.

In the dining room, they were all there except Natasha. The same groups. Maria began to imagine them dead and even shuddered at the idea.

Tony seeing Maria looking exhausted, decided to make a joke.

T: By the Gods, Maria. A makeup doesn't hurt.

M: A cyanide in your coffee also wouldn't hurt, Stark.

Maria noticed that Steve and Sharon were sitting very close this time.

M: Tony, I need to adjourn our meeting.

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