Capítulo 4

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Clint: All set up, Cap.

Steve: Where is Romanoff?

C: Jesus. Now you only call her by Romanoff? Seriously, what's going on between you two?

Steve looked at him like not understanding Hawkeye's interrogation.

C: Yeah, you and Nat were so close for a time. So close that even I felt jealous, I felt left down by my best friend and I couldn't even feel angry because you two were so natural that it would be impossible not to see you working together, so suddenly you became so formal with each other...

S: Don't know what you're talking about.

Steve said as he adjusted his bag in the overhead compartment.

C: pff ya, I'm only saying that...

S: We are very fine. Our relationship is like any other else. Professional.

Clint decided not to pursue the issue and sat in the driver's seat enabling the panels and controllers.

Natasha was coming, but as soon as she left the room with her backpack and walk the halls towards the runway, she faced a depressed Bruce Banner in one of the lounges. He could not see her, but she could see him and she knew he was there on purpose and her will was to ignore and follow her way, but for some reason she felt indebted with him, so she stopped to talk.

N: Hey big guy

B: Hey.

N: Sorry about earlier, I was not in the mood.

B: Your humor I understand, but every day you become more away from me. Is it something I did?

Natasha sighed and felt remorse for the cold treatment she has given to him and especially for not being completely honest with him. Some people were really hard to Natasha to use, especially after gaining their trust.

N: No, it's nothing with you.

B: oh that old story... It's not you, it's me...

Bruce said, smiling, but his eyes were sad and resigned as someone that already expected a disappointment.

Natasha is very good at reading facial expressions, she soon realized Bruce and she didn't know whether to console him, wheter give him hope, or ignore and wait to see what she feels. Feel...

Natasha felt that something was wrong when people talked about her feelings for someone. She doesn't even knew what kind of feeling she had for people, much less know if she felt something for Steve.

'No' she thought. Bruce!

She didn't know what she felt for Bruce, everyone thinks she dates him, he probably think they are boyfriends. Why she didn't thought they were boyfriends? Why she doesn't know what she feels?

The only certainty was that she felt like a usurper.

Natasha had to decide now what Bruce would do about her: 1- Wait for her, 2- forget her, 3- hate her...

She didn't know. She closed her eyes briefly, she sighed and placed a peck on Bruce's lips.

B: That was good. Very good, but why seemed like a goodbye?

N: I'll be gone only for a few days.

Bruce gave a half smile sheepishly and adjusted his glasses.

N: See you in a few days.

B: Bye.

Natasha came into the shed where the jets of the Avengers were, and shook her head. 'Did I gave hope? What was that? Why?' That was what she thought as she walked to the jet until her sight Steve. 'That is why'.

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