Capítulo 24

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*** Warning: This fanfic is in Portuguese, I'm brazilian, I translate because some friends asked me to, so you are not used to my way of writing, but don't ask me to imitate other writers, that's my style and I'm sorry if you don't like, I just hope you can enjoy it anyway.***  

Natasha and Clint held Anna in a cell at the base of the Avengers.

C: Do you think this will hold her? She can climb walls.

N: Yeah, but I think she can't cross them.

Natasha headed to her room. Natasha took a shower, cleaned her wounds and went to sleep. She woke up early in the morning with the insistent knocking at the door. It seemed like the door would fall.

Natasha opened the door and faced an exalted Carol Danvers.

N: Carol?

C: What my friend is doing here? Stuck in a cell like a criminal? Who gave you the right?

Natasha just looked at Carol who was enraged.

N: Your friend? That woman is your friend?

C: Yes! My friend and Sam's!

N: Sam?

C: Yes, she helped me that day at the bar.

N: Oh. She is the one.

C: Oh? Release her now.

Natasha was thinking about the time she would have saved if she had followed her first instinct that Carol knew the woman.

Carol was raging and she ended up waking Steve and Bruce, who came to see what was going on.

S: Carol? Natasha? What is happening?

C: Your partner here caught my best friend.

N: Best friend? You met her yesterday practically.

C: So what? Why you held her?

B: Held who? Where?

C: Here at the base!

S: No one was arrested at the base, Carol, you might be confusing things.

Steve said it, but he looked at Natasha expecting her to confirm, but she said nothing.

S: Do you arrested someone here and didn't say anything?

N: I was going to communicate this morning, but this hysterical came here to give scandal.

C: I'll show you the hysterical.

Bruce grabbed Carol's hand, it was already a bright light around it, ready to shoot Natasha.

B: Calm, Carol. It must have been a mistaken.

N: No mistake, she is a fugitive.

S: Fugitive from whom?



Natasha looked away from Steve.

S: What charges SHIELD have against her?

N: She murdered a 17 year old guy, and ran away. They never found her.

S: What evidence SHIELD have? That's not our business, not even a SHIELD's business.

N: She has powers.

B: What kind of power?

N: I'm not sure, she is very strong and can climb walls. She has a lawyer and Clint insisted for her to be judged here before delivered to Fury.

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