Capítulo 20

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When the others saw Natasha and Steve approaching, they became more excited. Sam was too drunk, he hugged Steve causing Natasha to drop his wrist.

Sam: Man, I love you, man. I love you very much. You are like... The best person I've ever met, man. I knew you were good, man. Did you know that? You're good. You're good.

Sam looked at another woman walking behind them.

Sam: This guy over here is good, very good. He is my best friend. He is the Fucking Captain America, he is, it's true. You are so beautiful, man. I love you.

Sam hugged Steve again, Steve was laughing.

S: Okay, buddy, I think you've had enough.

Sam released him and looked seriously and talked to random people.

Sam: This captain is an ass.

Sam laughed.

Sam: Captain Ass. Captain Small Ass!

R: Okay, Sam, that's enough. You're too drunk, let's go.

Sam: What? I didn't kissed any woman, yet. I'll kiss them now...

Sam spread his arms, as if offers himself and screamed.

Sam: Okay, girls. Who wants to be the first? Please be careful with my little body, I am an Avenger... I... I'm...

Sam fell hard back, but was still conscious. Rhodey and Steve helped him get up.

S: I'll take you home.

R: No, no, I'll take him. He lives in the same building as me. Enjoy your night, Cap.

Sam: What? I'm not going anywhere.

Sam started walking and dancing before vanishing in the crowd, he declared his love for Steve Rogers again before vanish.

When Steve turned his attention to Natasha, she was dancing with Carol. Steve rubbed his neck, disconcerted. He didn't know how to dance those songs.

It was not long until Carol pull him to dance.

C: Go, Steve, move.

S: I don't know how...

C: Do not worry. We guide you.

Carol did Steve get in the middle, between her and Natasha. Steve looked at Carol still dull and had his back to Natasha. Natasha danced behind him, Carol began to move and ended up shifting place with Natasha.

Now Steve was facing Natasha. The funny thing is that this time, Natasha was very embarrassed because Steve was seeing her dance.

N: If you don't dance, me neither.

Natasha stopped moving. Carol, got distracted when a guy came and ask her to dance.

S: I'm sorry, I just don't know how.

Natasha smiled.

N: Follow me.

She turned around and leaned lightly on him. She held his hands and started swinging the body slowly to the music of side to side, forcing Steve to follow the same movement.

Despite all loud, Steve thought he was hearing his heart pounding. He never imagined be dancing with Natasha like that. She was very sexy in everything she did, even unintentionally.

Carol who was dancing with the unknown and sassy guy. He was irritating her, because he started to grab her. When she was about to punch him with all her strenght, a woman approached them.

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