Capítulo 1

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It was night and they were alone in a place that looks like a jungle.

Their jet broke, and help was coming, but too slow because of the Storm.

- Lets go find some shelter.

Steve said.

Natasha moved her head, indicanting she agrees to his idea.

They walked for almost 30 minutes, till Nat saw what looks like a cave, when they got there, they noticed it was not a cave, just a big rock, with a hole, that looks like an big arc, but is enough to protect them from the rain.

Steve was shaking a little bit and he doesn't know why but he feel akward standing there next to Natasha. And Natasha was as usual, showing none emotions, till she notices Steve's expression, and she took a time to decifry why is Steve so bothered.

It was because she is a woman, and he is not used to that yet. The minute she figured it out, she loved it. She loves to tease shy guys, and specially Steve Rogers. Oh my god, what a virgin. She thought. She smirked and bat her eyes to him one time, slowly, that fatal look.

Now Steve is more than red, he is almost purple, what makes he speak anything to not show how embarassed he is now.

S: They are taking so long.
N: Uhum...
S: Are you cold? I'm freezing.
N: Uhum
S: Do you think it's raining in London too?

She took a step forward, and she swear she could hear his heart beating very fast. And she was only joking to see how shy he can be. Steve couldn't do anything but look to her lips. Some seconds he looked to her eyes, but they were too much for him, that he just looked down, and see Nat's cleavage.

N: Are you looking at my boobs?

She asked like she was going to murder him now, but she was just playing.

Steve was stuttering.

S: N-no, no, I.. I.. I'm so-sorry, it wasn't my intention. You came to close and I..

Natasha took one more step towards Steve and her body was almost touching his.

N: Did you like what you see?

Her voice and her eyes indicates she was very mad at him.

Steve: Oh? what? No, I didn't pay atent..

N: No? You didn't like it? Don't you think I'm attractive?

S: No... Y-yes yes, I do.

Natasha was enjoying it too much, she wanted to stop, but Steve looks so adorable when embarassed, she wondered if it was ok to kiss him again and she decided that it was a bad idea. And she decided that she loves bad ideas, and she kissed him.

Steve let she kissed him, of course, and he enjoyed every second. He doens't know what to do with Nat, but his hands hold her hips and raised up her from the ground, he wanted to feel more from her, not just the lips, he needs more... so he keeps one arm holding up her, while the other slides up her back up to her neck, and the kiss got more intense.

Natasha was tottally surprised by Steve's reactions, she did not expect him to correspond the kiss, not this way, and she was not expecting at all that she was totally enjoyng the kiss. She thought for a few seconds she was just enjoyng a normal kiss, she didn't notice how horny she got, but the minute she realized that, she pulled away from his arms.

She opened her eyes and meet Steve's and she didn't know what to say, neither of them knew what to say or do after that, but her spy alert just got in action, and she raise one eyebrow and smirked.

N: Well... Someone has been practicing...

That was ackward, she said that, and now she speak that setence, she felt that something is wrong, that setence just disturbed her in a way that she wasn't expecting. But Steve relieved her.

S: Actually, I wasn't. I really don't have time for romances. I'm not ready, I told you.

N: Seems pretty much ready for me.

She teases him. Steve just smiles.

S: The storm is getting worse.

N: Don't you love that?

As she say that, she starts to stretch her arms, and let the rain touch her skin, she was walking to the rain, when Steve hold her arm. She look to Steve like he was her biggest enemy. Nobody steps in her way.

S: Are you crazy? It's raining too much out there.

N: So?

S: You wanna get wet? Do you wanna get cold?

N: Jesus... Relax.

She went to the rain.
Steve starts to yelling at her.

S: Come back here, I'm serious, Natasha. It's dangerous.

Natasha comes back and make sure that all her body is touching on him, and look up to meet his eyes. Steve already breathless. She stays on her toes to get taller, and try to reach his lips. Steve lowers his head, close his eyes and when he is about to touch her lips, she moves her head a little bit, and he open his eyes and see that big and mortal green eyes.

N: Do you wanna kiss me?

S: Y-yes.

Natasha go back to the rain and calls him.

S: What? I'm not going into the rain.

N: You said you wanna kiss me.

S: Yes, but here, I don't wanna die.

N: Well if you want me, you gonna have to come here.

Steve sighs, looking to Natasha, to the sky, and after to the ground, he place his hands on his waist, thinking. He shakes his head negatively. And he looks to Natasha, he knows if he dies on that rain, kissing her it would be worth it. And he though: You're goin to regret this, Rogers.

As soon as he steps to the rain, Natasha give a big smile to him. It was a gift for him, this smile. Only a few person get to see her true smile, and it was a true smile, because she was truly happy too see Steve doing something that he is afraid for her. She kiss him in the best way she can and he does the same.

S: We stiil can get hit by a lightining. Aren't you afraid of anything?

N: Actually yes. But I can't live by my fears, Rogers. If it is for me to die right here, I will, otherwise, I'll just enjoy everything. I like to feel a lot of emotions, specially fear.

S: Really?

N: Yah, really. That reminds me that I am still alive and distracts my mind, too.

Steve doesn't know what to respond about it, he was actually reflecting about himself and in the way he deal with his fears and all his emotions. But his thoughts were interrupted by Clint Barton coming down on a Avengers Jet to rescue them.

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