Capítulo 18

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While Hill flew to Europe, Natasha arrived at Clint's farm. She landed the jet and when she walked to the house, Clint, Laura and the kids were waiting on the porch.

C: Welcome.

Laura hugged Natasha. Natasha messed Cooper's hair took Lila in her lap that laid her head on the shoulder of Aunt Nat.

Once they get inside the house, Nat put Lila on the floor and looked at Nathaniel.

N: He is huge, already! Can't believe he is beautiful, very beautiful and congratulations on the next one.

Nathaniel smiled at Natasha despite being the first time he met Natasha in person.

L: You must be hungry, I'll make you something to eat.

N: No, no, please don't bother.

L: Natasha, you don't bother never, you are in home. What about your boyfriend, Banner... He didn't come with you?

Natasha looked at Clint and Laura looked at Clint also.

C: Honey, they don't date anymore.

L: Oh. I'm sorry. Oh, so that's why you seem sad.

Natasha didn't understand Laura's statement. She was showing sadness? Is that so clear?

N: No problem. I'm okay.

Laura smiled comprehensive and went to the kitchen and called Cooper to help her. That was grumbling. Lila was playing with Nathaniel in the room.

Clint took Nat to the back porch of the house, he grabbed two beers from the cooler, he offered one for Natasha and opened another for himself.

N: Thank you.

C: You look like you need one.

Natasha opens the beer and takes a long drink.

C: Spit it out.

Natasha didn't know what to say or how to explain.

C: Well, I know something's wrong, for you to come here and want to stay a few days. Natasha, I know you...

N: Steve and Sharon are dating.

Clint stopped to absorb the information and think about what to answer.

C: That's what you wanted.

N: Yeah. I'm happy for him.

C: Uh-huh. Yeah, they match, probably soul mates. They were born for each other, right? You noticed how Steve cares about her? Wow, he would jump into a freezing ocean to rescue her without hesitation, right? He loves Sharon's company. He is always with her, right? He is, undoubtedly, in love with her. I bet that in a few months, he proposes marriage. You will be probably the bridesmaid, because you did everything to make them a couple right?

Natasha looked at Clint, perplexed.

C: Well, that's what you want to believe that is happening, isn't it? This makes everything easy for you to isolate yourself again. It's easier to make you feel bad about yourself, believe that you don't deserve to be happy. It's easier to feel miserable and live with your demons in mind. Well, you did it again, Natalia. Congratulations.

Natasha could not even react to Clint's provocations. She got up fast and walked to the stairs as if she is about to leave.

C: Oh are you going away? Will you run away again? Where are you going this time?

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