Capítulo 12

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Clint was very happy to be on the way home. He was still eating the apple that he stole from Natasha, while piloting. He activated the silent flight, to not warn his wife he was going home, he likes to make surprises for her and the children. The brightness in their eyes is unmatched when they are taken by surprise.

Upon landing in the field of his farm, he opened the overhead compartment and took three gifts, before leaving the plane, he looked around to make sure no one had seen him arrive.

He went back to the house where Laura always plant flowers and gathered the best he find.

A small figure with braids was dancing in the room and decided to go to window and saw her father picking flowers. She watched him.

Clint heard her sound and looked up.

C: Hi sweetie. Shhh

Clint indicated her to stay quietly and she consented.

Lila: Did you brought something for me?

Those eyes of the little Lila Barton. Clint was a lovely father.

C: Do you think I would forget my little dancer?

Lila smiled.

C: Now go inside and don't tell that I'm here.

Lila ran to the living room, screaming.

Lila: Mommy, Mommy, Daddy is here, but told me to not say it.

Clint frowned, took his things and went into the house. Nathaniel walking holding the couch to keep from falling. Clint almost had an heart attack to see his son walking.

C: My God, Nate. You learned to walk. How about trying to walk to daddy?

Clint stretched his arms to him. Nathaniel or Nate, like Clint used to call him, grinned and pointed Clint.

Nate: Dadda.

C: Yeah, big boy. It's Dad. Come here.

Nate took two steps towards Clint and fell sitting, Laura arrived soon after.

Laura: He can only walking holding on things.

Clint stood up and looked at his wife.

C: But baby, he just walk, it was very fast, but he was coming for me.

Nate started to cry, Laura picked him up and walked to Clint to kiss him.

Laura: I missed you.

C: Me too, my love.

Clint took Nate from Laura.

C: What's wrong, buddy? Stop crying, it's okay now, it's okay.

Lila ran around her father.

L: My gift, my gift.

C: Oh yeah! I almost forgot.

Clint gave Lila her gift and she was super excited with her new doll.

Clint took Cooper's gift but he was not spotted anywhere.

C: Honey, where's Cooper?

L: Um, I think in his room.

C: In his room? Doing what?

L: I think using his computer.

Before Clint start to complain, Laura kissed his cheeks a lot. Their deal was that children would only have contact with technology when grown.

L: Honey, calm down, you have to understand. He's the only one without a phone is his class and he didn't have a notebook at home. This age he is now, is very complicated. You're not at home to deal with his crisis.

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