Capítulo 25

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Steve watched Natasha. Natasha stretched her arms and raised it above her head. She turned her neck side to side. Then Natasha held her foot behind her body, stretching her thighs, she alternated between her legs.

Natasha removed the gloves looking Steve.

S: No gloves? Really?

N: Feel better this way.

S: Yeah and it'ss easier to get hurt this way.

N: Are you scared?

Steve just laughed. A nervous laughing because he noticed how much she was angry and he started to think that maybe this is a bad idea. Someone will get hurt in the end and probably him because he will not hurt her.

Natasha began giving small jumps, to relax her body.

N: Ready?

Steve dropped the gloves and made a defensive move, waiting Natasha strike the first blow.

Natasha approached and surrounded him first. Steve just tried to follow her movement with his eyes. He was already sweating.

When Natasha finally stopped in front of him again, she gave the first punch, Steve defended using his forearm. Natasha tried to punch underneath and Steve jumped. Natasha took an advantage when he jumped, she bent down and as soon as the feet of Steve touched the ground, she kicked his shank and he fell with his back on the floor.

Natasha gave an imperceptible smile, she didn't attack while he was on the floor, she pulled away for him to get up.

Steve was uninjured, he sighed and got up again. When he got up, he had to put his arms crossed in front of his face because Natasha came with a series of kicks that only stopped when his back reached the ropes of the ring.

He had to get his hands on the ropes to keep from falling again, and when he did, Natasha punched him in the face. It wasn't a weak punch.

N: Oh, are you going to cry?

S: Ha! Hilarious.

N: When will you start fighting for real?

S: Natasha I don't think that's a good idea ...

Natasha give a right punch, followed by a left punch and then she punched his stomach, making Steve bow. Now he was in pain.

N: What? Afraid of hurt me? Didn't you wanna fight?

Steve looked at her seriously, he was getting pissed. Steve decided to fight back, he tried to hit her with kicks and punches, but Natasha is very fast, she defended herself very well.

Steve had just noticed a way to break her moves, her famous one that she lock her legs around the neck's target and use her body weight to bring the opponent to the ground.

Steve is stronger and heavier, he can stop her, then he attacked her and defended himself several times, until she use her famous move on him.

By the time she placed her leg in his neck, he put his hand between her thighs, stopping her legs to lock his neck. He grabbed and squeezed tightly her thighs.

Natasha was now hung up on him, Steve pulled her leg down and threw her to the ground, without regrets. She was going to get hurt. She wanted it, right?

Natasha felt her back hit the floor and she felt every centimeter of her body hurt this time. Steve then straddled her arms, stopping her from moving. He put his forearm pushing down her neck and approached his face to hers, looking in her eyes.

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