Capítulo 26

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The next morning, everything was great at N.F.A. (New Facility of Avengers), they all gathered in the dining room, even Hill and Fury were having breakfast together with the Avengers.

In fact, the late one was Steve Rogers, who practically spent the night awake, thinking about everything that happened between him and Natasha and thinking also about Sharon. He hadn't cheated her on purpose, but when he is with Natasha he loses his mind, the only thing on his mind is Natasha, it is hard to resist to her. But today he established on his head that he would avoid being alone with Natasha and he would respect his girlfriend Sharon.

Steve arrived in the dinning room, at the table he usually sit were Sam, Fury, Carol, Hill and Natasha...

Steve made sure to sit at the other corner of the table to avoid contact with Nat. He greeted everyone and they answered back, except Natasha who just watched.

They talked about various subjects, work and daily life.

As I said before, it was hard to stay away from Natasha, he sat away but the truth is he was looking at her all the time, for brief seconds, but his eyes insisted on looking at Natasha again.

Today Natasha was dressed casually, jeans and a tank top. Steve kept staring at her cleavage. Natasha obviously noticed and in her mind, she was laughing because Rogers was a fool, he sat far away from her and couldn't take his eyes of her. She decided to stare back.

Steve began to sweat, Fury spoke to him about a lot of things bu he was not paying attention. Fury asked Steve a question, but didn't answer. He was distracted.

F: Cap? Captain?

S: Huh?

F: What do you think?

S: Sorry, what was your question?

Fury dropped the bread he was eating, he hates being ignored. He sighed before repeating the question again.

Hill was also looking forward to Steve's answer, she followed Steve's gaze and Hill noticed what was distracting him and for her surprise, it was Natasha.

Hill wide opened her eyes, then her mouth dropped in shock. She smiled to herself and spoke quietly.

H: It's happening! It's already happening!

F: Excuse me?

Fury looked at Hill waiting an explanation.

Hill shook his head.

H: Nothing, boss.

Hill looked at Natasha, who looked puzzling because Hill was looking at her in a weird way.

Natasha made a gesture with her hand as if asking what's going on. Hill placed her elbows on the table and rested her chin on her hands, looking at Natasha.

Natasha felt that Hill was getting crazy, or decided to have sexual attraction for her.

Natasha finished her meal and left the dinning room. Steve had also ended.

Wanda and Carol left the dinning room along with Steve.

S: What about your friend?

C: Friend? You mean Jessica? Well, she seems to be ok, I got some food for her. I'll take it to her and I'll meeting with you later, okay?

Steve nodded.

Natasha was standing in front of the training center, looking annoyed with the glass door that wouldn't open.

Steve and Wanda approached Natasha.

W: Code failed again?

S: Ugh. Stark keeps changing the programs.

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