Capítulo 8

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Steve closed his eyes at the sound of shooting. The pain he felt now reached such a way that he froze. Clint left the bow falling and prepared to run towards Steve, but he only put his hands on his knees and started laughing hysterically.

Natasha put her hands down and looked at all the drama of Steve Rogers. Steve hearing Clint's laugh, he realized he hadn't been shot. He looked back and saw a agent, with blood coming from his mouth, collapsed on the floor behind him.

S: I thought...

Natasha just looked at him. How could he think she had the courage to shoot him? And what reason would she have to?

C: I need the security footage, I need to show that to Tony.

And Clint was still laughing. Steve was breathless and still looking for Natasha.

S: You scared me.

Steve tried to remember that pain was such that he felt then. Besides the glancing shot of pain he took out there, the pain was internal. Disappointment pain of seeing Natasha shooting him.

N: I thought you would be more polite, anyway ... You're welcome.

S: You're welcome? You tried to kill me.

N: I saved your life.

S: You pointed your gun to me.

N: I pointed to the agent behind you.

Steve was still confused, he was just offended with himself for having thought that Natasha was going to shoot him. He was embarrassed.

S: Sorry... Thank You.

N: You would do the same for me.

Natasha smiled and shake hands with Steve.

S: You know I would.

They both smiled slightly. Steve looked around and saw that the base was almost completely destroyed.

S: Was for that, that I've been left behind?

C: Things got out of hand.

S: Did you at least found the scientist?

Natasha pointed to a guy in a coat lab layed on a computer with a huge hole in his back. Dead.

S: Fuck. Let's get out of this place then.

N: Language!

C: Yes, but we have a problem. Look at this.

Clint jumped into the central area where the computers were and removed the body of the scientist and pressed a few buttons.

One wall was easily opened, like a big window. There was a kind of capsule with a human figure inside.

Natasha and Steve approached.

S: She's alive. We have to take her out.

N: I think it is not a good idea.

Steve looked to Natasha.

N: We don't know for what reason she was kept there. It can be dangerous. Let's take her in the capsule.

S: We need something to carry the capsule to the jet.

While Steve and Natasha discussed a way to transport, Clint watched the woman inside the capsule beginning to move. She sat inside the capsule and pulled the wires connected on her body.

C: Guys!

Clint pointed to capsule.

Steve looked at the woman inside the capsule. She was scared and trying to assimilate what was happening. She started to get agitated, she punched the glass and she broke it with no effort. Once she was free, she understood that they were the bad guys that kidnapped her and she attacked Steve.

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