Capítulo 13

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On the plane of SHIELD, they flew over the sea, it was night already. Bobbi set the plane on autopilot mode.

B: Ok, everybody get your equipment.

Natasha watched all of them putting parachute on their back and went to Bobbi.

N: What we have to do exactly?

B: There's this bunker with information about what we call Inhumans, you have heard about it and SHIELD need to collect it and keep safe.

Natasha took one parachute and looked Skye, she turned her attention to Bobbi again.

N: Why do you need me here?

B: Our team is very good, but we're not stealing from anyone.

N: Who?

B: Pentagon. It's not like they aren't able to protect the information, but they are more military than strategists, you know

N: Oh.

B: We'll secure the perimeter, as you drive up to this room.

Bobbi delivers the floor plan of the bunker for Natasha.

B: We need to break the security code and safes.

Jemma: Here, take this. It's encoded to open the first door, the rest you will have to use your skills, good lucky

Natasha took the badge from Jemma.

N: No problem. Is that all you need?

Skye nodded.

Fitz: H-hey this is a-a-a weapon that me and... and...

J: Jemma...

Jemma helped Fitz to finish the sentence.

Fitz: Yes, yes, Jemma. Thank You. Jemma and I did.

N: What this baby does?

F: It doesn't kill for sure.

Natasha looked puzzled. What would she do with a gun that does not kill?

F: It causes immobility and loss of consciousness. The effects last 2 hours.

Natasha turned to Bobbi.

N: Too many people, too risky. I'll handle it myself.

Mack: I told you she would want to act alone.

B: Nat, we go with you to the bunker, we won't be seen, but that's the way we operate now. We'll let you do your job, but we will be there to intervene if necessary.

N: Okay, but only you and Mack.

H: What? I will not be left behind.

B: Hunter, someone have to pilot the plane in case of leakage.

H: You love to treat me as a beginner, right, Bobbi?

Bobbi ignored him and rolled her eyes. Natasha smiled and pressed a button that opened the back door of the plane. When Natasha approached the edge and saw the sea in the darkness, it automatically remembered her accident in Alaska.

Natasha was petrified, her body was still sore from the fall. Bobbi approached her from behind.

B: Are you ready?

Natasha was pulled from her memories, right back to reality. If there's one thing she learned well in the Red room was overcome fears. She didn't let Bobbi notice her expression of fear, she soon changed the expression for the usual expression of concentration of Black Widow.

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