Capítulo 7

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Steve: C'mon. Let's move!

All agreed and continued toward the tunnel entrance, this time more quietly. The more they approached the entrance, slower they moved, ensuring that they were not perceived by the agents.

A few minutes later, they stood at the foot of the mountain, they had to be separated because that area was not as dense as it was farther.

N: Remember Budapest?

C: What? You want to repeat it here?

S: What happened in Budapest?

Natasha and Clint looked at each other.

N: I want exactly the opposite of Budapest, but if it goes wrong, we will use the same solution.

C: Okay.

S: What the hell happened in Budapeste?

C: What do you mean? Everyone knows that story. Can you believe this guy?

Clint said with good humor.

N: Steve, you'd better stay here.

S: Not at all.

C: Natasha is right, we are spies and you a soldier. Let us do what we know best.

S: I'm in charge, we all go.

N: No, you stay.

S: We always go together and never had any problems.

N: Never? We Always got the opportunity get in and out, silently. You came with your metallic Frisbee and a war starts.

Natasha meant every word.

C: What Tasha is saying is that you make a lot of noise, Cap, even when you are walking... Believe me, it will be quicker and more effective this way.

Steve was reluctant but accepted the idea. Two against one, was too much for his head at the time.

S: If you don't come back in one hour, I'll do the things in my way.

N: Please, do it.

Clint and Natasha began walking away from Steve, looking for the next tree to hide. While Clint found his next tree, Natasha looked back and saw Steve staring at her. It was as if she should have told goodbye properly, but she would be gone one 1 hour and yet something bothered her. Steve is a fool with these puppy eyes, Natasha thought. Don't do that to me, Steve, I'll be back soon, I promise, Natasha comforted Steve in her mind. She gave a small smile, almost imperceptible to Steve and made her way to the entrance of the tunnel. Clint was right behind her.

Steve didn1t know what happened in Natasha's mind, but he felt a huge comfort to that Natasha's almost smile, he wasn't even sure she smiled. He knew he was relieved. She does not need my protection, I need her protection, thought Steve.

Steve looked for a way to stay comfortable while waiting Nat and Clint finished the mission.

After 50 minutes Natasha and Clint disappeared, Steve heard noise of gunfire.

Steve ran as fast as possible, didn't bother to be seen, and he get noticed, it came a hail of bullets for him. The two keepers of the door, fired incessantly. Steve threw himself behind a tree and one of the bullets grazed down his arm. Not that it hadn't hurt, but the adrenaline was too much. He threw the shield and it snapped in the trees until reach the 2 guards.

Steve ran towards them, picked up his shield and leaned against the tunnel entrance, still hearing the noise of gunfire. Steve ran down the tunnel, which was covered with metal walls. It was a very modern base, the exterior did not match the interior.

As soon as he turned in one of the halls, he heard the sound of two guards running and instead of killing them now, he decided to follow them. They were probably running in the direction of the fighting and he was sure that the fight involved Clint and Natasha.

Steve was right, though when he get there, the amount of dead agents was impressive. Steve had no time to think how Clint and Nat managed to kill so many agents by themselves. He threw his shield on the arm of the agent who was about to shoot Clint.

C: Thanks, Cap! Isn't that Budapest all over again?

Steve looked at him blankly, he has no idea what happened in Budapest. Steve shook his head, trying to understand why he was still trying to understand Clint, they were probably messing with him.

When Steve realized, he wasthe target of Natasha. Natasha was pointing the Widow's Sting at him. Steve was unable to react, Natasha is full of surprises, but what is it now? Is she really angry at him? Is she kidding?

No... This deadly gaze of her... She's not kidding. Steve tried to calm her down.

S: Natasha ...

Natasha fired.


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