Capítulo 10

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Usually Natasha takes a lot of time trying to sleep, but by exhaustion, by medication and especially by being embraced with Steve, she fell asleep easily. In fact, she doesn't remember the last time she slept so well. Her dreams have always turned into nightmares, but not this time.

Steve couldn't sleep, just doze. He was fine, he was feeling good, he was great actually, he was where he wanted to be. Steve just couldn't risk sleep and miss her. He didn't want to miss a second without looking at her, he always watched her, he did everything to go unnoticed by her or anyone else.

Steve risked caress her hair, he barely breath, he was afraid to wake her or make her uncomfortable. Slowly he pulled back his face, just enough to see her face, that was now leaning on his shoulder. God, how beautiful she is. Her beauty is dangerous, it could start a war if she wanted to, she could make a man insane.

Steve knew he had fallen on her spiderweb, he just did not want to get stuck in it. You all know what happened to those who got caught in the web of black widow...

All hours in that room seemed to be minutes. The time had flown. It was not fair to them.

Steve began to come to his sense and he think how it would be when Natasha wake up. That kiss, all these moments. They will be apart again? What does she feel about him? Was he a coward and took advantage of her weakness, she is medicated. What about if she doesn't remember? What about if she hated me for this?

Steve sighed and pushed those thoughts away. Not long after, he heard tapping on the door. Well, they forgot, but they were not alone at the base of the Avengers.

Clint was outside, he woke very early, the sun didn't even came out yet.

C: Natasha? Steve?

He whispered. He had locked the door last night, he opened it and walked in the room with his eyes closed.

C: God please, be dressed, be dressed. Please.

Steve smiled.

S: We are.

C: Thank God

Clint closed the door and locked it again.

C: Ham ... you two...?

S: N-no, no. Of course not. I was just taking care of her.

C: Yeah and how is she?

S: I think she's fine. Much better than yesterday, tho.

C: Are you good now?

S: Yes, I am and I'm sorry for my reaction.

C: Cap ... I don't want to ruin things for you but... You gotta go. Narrowly Bruce enters here yesterday and takes you cuddling that with Natasha.

Steve thought Clint had seen the kiss and he got all disconcerted.

S: Ham... I... Natasha, she... We... The kiss... we were not thinking.

Clint's eyes jumped.

C: Kiss??? You kissed? So you and her, you know?

S: No, Hawkeye, no, it was just a kiss and it was my fault.

C: Cap, me more than anyone want both of you happy, I think you would make a lovely couple. Natasha is my best friend and I don't think there is a man in this world goog enough for her, but you are the one who gets closer. The problem is that you two have forgotten that there is a guy who has a relationship with Natasha. A guy with glasses, very smart, that when get nervous, turns green? Remember him?

When Steve heard about Bruce, his world colapsed. He was feeling a lot of things. He had just won Natasha's kiss that seemed to come with her heart together and then he remembered that Natasha is with Bruce. He kissed Natasha. She kissed him. What about now? He had no regret of the kiss, he would kiss her forever if he could, but Steve is honest and an honorable man. Kissing a woman who is comitted is wrong. Betray a friend is wrong.

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