Capítulo 28

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Natasha woke up with her mobile vibrating in her pocket. She took a fright, she looked at Steve looking for some sign of recovery, but there was nothing. He was the same way.

Natasha saw that Clint was calling her. The day was already dawning. Natasha looked Steve again and went out of Steve's room. When Natasha arrived in the waiting area, she meet someone unexpected.

Bucky was there in the hospital, he knew what happened through Sam. He didn't showed concern at the time, but he was the first to arrive at the hospital. He cares.

Bucky looked directly at Natasha. Natasha wasn't sure if he knew who she was and if he recognized her. Something told her that yes. He said nothing, he just stand there, watching her go and disappear through the halls.

Bucky suddenly didn't seem that guy depressed and dejected, he was with a great posture and appearance, he also used his spy gifts and was able to access Steve's room. He also apologized, he said he remembered everything that Steve was a brother to him, and he just ignored him for being ashamed of what he did in the past.

Bucky said goodbye.

Today in the visiting hours were Sam, Sharon and Carol Danvers. Carol couldn't stop crying.

Sam: Carol, chill out, I said he's fine.

Sharon just looked at her and felt a hint of jealousy in all her despair by her man. It was strange and she was already suspicious of Carol before. Who knows if she flirted with Steve in her absence.

The doctor came to call the visit and said again that only one person could go. Sharon volunteered. Carol grabbed her arm and said she would go first. The two were already discussing when Sam persuaded Sharon to let Carol stay for at least 5 minutes with Steve.

While Carol was visiting his friend, Sam said to Sharon that Carol was sensitive because her friend is in jail.

Sharon was more understanding and she calmed down.

Sharon was surprise that Natasha wasn't there today. Sam was also surprised.

Natasha decided she wasn't going to be competing to see Steve, when she can do it whenever she wants. Visit him at night is better, no one controlling the time, just her and him.


After 3 weeks, Steve was breathing without the aid of equipment. The wounds were healing well. But doctors were uncertain about the consequences when he wake. He is recovering very well.

2 more weeks passed and Steve came out of the coma, but slept pretty much all day. No one was fortunate to see him awake yet, besides doctors and nurses.

Every day, Carol, Sam and Sharon visited Steve. The visit time increased to two hours and 3 people could go to his room. Bucky and Natasha also visited him every day, but no one knew.

On one of these visits, Carol, Sam and Sharon noticed Steve's hand move. He opened his eyes slowly. Sharon ran to the stretcher, and ran her hand through his hair.

Sharon: Steve, my love. You finally woke up.

She even cried, and so Carol.

Steve looked at Sharon and looked around. He looked at Sam and Carol and looked Sharon again. Steve frowned.

Sharon: How do you feel?

S: Who are you?

Sharon looked at him confused.

S: Where am I?

Sharon looked Sam and Carol who were perplexed.

Steve tried to get up and groaned in pain.

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