Capítulo 21

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The night is over and the sun began to rise. The first rays of daylight, go directly to the room of the apartment. Steve was used to waking up with the sun greeting him early in the morning but Natasha wasn't.

Natasha's used to getting up earlier, more than Captain, she often wakes up and the day is still dark. But that day, she was lazy and her body was exhausted after making love all night long, they repeated till they both pass out of tired.

Steve woke first, his intention was to prepare breakfast, but he couldn't get out of bed. It was hard not stop to admire Natasha's body. Natasha lying face down with half body wrapped in the white sheet of bed, her thigh and back on display.

The sun's rays touched her body the way Steve wanted to touch it now, in several areas at the same time, highlighting all her body curves.

If life had a remote control, Steve would pause at that point. If only he could freeze this moment forever.

Natasha awoke because 2 things were making her body warm: The sun's rays and the body of Steve Rogers. Actually three things made her wake up ... The third was the feeling of being watched.

Natasha didn't open her eyes, she slightly raised her eyebrows and sighed. To sigh, she smelled Steve on the pillow and pulled the air more strongly as she put her hands under the pillow and pressed it against her face to sniff his smell more.

Natasha yawned and slowly opened her eyes and closed again. She opened only one eye and looked at those kind blue eyes of Steve Rogers. He was so cute that she felt like punching his face. The other good guys have never been the type of Natasha, so she still gets angry at all Rogers goodness. The problem is that with time she learn to love what she hates on him.

S: Morning.

Steve said when he noticed she was spying him. Natasha turned her face into the pillow.

N: How long are you there watching me?

S: Not time enough.

N: Oh God.

S: I was going to do breakfast, but I couldn't lose any time without seeing you sleeping.

Natasha was going to complain about him spying her without authorization, she didn't know what was her state, but Steve broke her with words. Natasha sighed as she lifted her face from the pillow and looked at him with half-closed eyes.

At that very moment, Natasha remembered last night, the bar and how she got in the bed of Rogers and she also reminded of Sharon, and theirs friends who were with them at the bar yesterday and she was very much screwed. She sat up abruptly and held the sheet in front of her breasts, she sounded desperate.

S: What? What happened?

Natasha looked worried.

N: Yesterday, you and I... The bar, everyone saw! They'll tell Sharon, if not they'll make you tell. I...

S: Shhh... First of all, no one saw us.

N: Are you sure? Carol was there. She saw.

S: No, she was not paying attention. I'm sure.

N: You were drunk.

Now things got worse in fact, Natasha remember Sam comment that Steve drank the drink of Asgard and if he was drunk and she took advantage of the situation, nothing of what happened last night was true, it was effect of the drink.

S: I was not drunk.

N: Don't lie. It's all wrong. Nothing that happened was worth.

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