Capítulo 22

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Natasha woke around 4am, she looked to Steve who was sleeping. She wrapped herself in a blanket and noticed her cell phone on the floor. When she checked the phone, it had 20 missed calls of Fury and one of Clint. Natasha knew she was screwed for ignore Fury calls.

At least now she had a reason to leave Steve's apartment without having that conversation about what happened, she didn't want to force him to break up with Sharon.

Natasha left without waking Steve and when she entered her car, she ordered the car to call Fury.

N: What's up, boss?

F: Romanoff, where have you been, I called numerous times for you.

N: I was busy.

F: Busy?

N: Yes, personal issues.

F: Personal issues?

N: I have my needs, I'm a person too. What happened?

F: Well person, get your ass here immediately. You have 30 minutes to get here.

N: I'll be there in 15.

Natasha ended the call and this time ordered the car to call Clint.

N: Hey daddy

C: Hey? Do you know what time is it?

N: So... You called earlier to say that Natasha was finally born?

C: Yeah... About that... Well...

Natasha was serious.

C: It's a beautiful boy, right? His name is Mathew.

Clint showed the baby photo. Laura got into the conversation.

L: Sorry, Tasha ...

N: Well, he is fat too. You two make fat babies.

Natasha smiled and then ended the call because she was already entering into the new headquarters of SHIELD.

While Natasha passed through the halls, she spotted May and Coulson in one of the meeting rooms talking about a mission with their agents.

Natasha didn't want to stop and just looked them, greeting May and Coulson. May and Coulson waved back, causing everyone's attention turn to Natasha, but she soon disappeared down the halls.

Emma: She's really beautiful.

Skye: Did you saw her dress? I didn't know Avengers dressed like that.

Emma: She was probably on some secret mission that she had to use her powers of seduction.

Skye: She does not do that anymore. She is an Avenger now.

Emma: Once a spy, always a spy. I wish I could look good in a dress like that.

Skye: What makes you think you wouldn't?

Emma and Skye talked about clothes and accessories until May pull them back to reality.


Natasha entered the room. Fury and Maria were there.

H: Oh so you had some fun last night?

N: I do like to have fun.

H: I know... Did you make some victim?

N: Well...

H: Oh you sassy. How he looks like? Blond? Tan? Tall? Hot?

Natasha smirked.

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