Capítulo 23

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After Steve and Natasha finished their actions on the ground, Steve helped Natasha to stand. They looked at each other embarrassed.

S: This can't happen anymore.

N: I know.

Natasha looked around and saw that her suit was ripped.

N: What? My clothes!

S: Sorry.

N: How will I get out of here like this?

S: Wear my blouse.

N: And be seen walking with your clothes around? Are you nuts?

S: Well, what do you want me to do?

Natasha was angry with Steve.

N: Here, take my key and get an outfit for me in my room.

Steve took the key, which was an access card actually. He went to Natasha's room and took another suit for her. When he was leaving the room, Tony was coming down the hall.

T: Dorito.

S: Tony.

T: What do you do in Romanoff room? You two...?

Steve was disconcerted at the time, and completely red.

S: I-I... I came here to-to...

T: Oh booooring, forget it, as if you had a chance.

Steve was now offended.

T: Since you're here, Thor is back and we hope you join us to discuss some issues. C'mon, lets go.

S: I can't.

T: You can't? You're doing what? What is this outfit you're holding, by the way? Do you borrowed from Natasha? Well I always suspected from the beginning...

S: Ha, hilarious!

Steve said looking serious.

S: I'll meet you in 10 minutes.

T: Okay and please come dress in that suit.

Tony blinked to Steve as he went to the meeting. Steve returned to the room and handed the clothes to Natasha.

S: That really can not happen anymore, Natasha.

N: Why are you repeating that to me? It wasn't me that threw me on the floor and tore my clothes.

S: I know.

N: I have to go, I have to call Clint back.

S: Clint? We have no mission.

N: We really don't. I have.

S: Oh and you are on another mission and did not tell me?

Natasha looked pissed.

N: Am I obliged to tell you?

Steve took a deep breath and leave the room.


Natasha called to Clint Barton.

N: Hey Dad.

C: Hey, hey aunt Tasha.

N: How are the kids, the farm and Laura?

C: Ham... You know, a baby of two months at home, a teenager, 2 children and a loving wife and a farm full of services to do... It's great

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