Capítulo 6

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Natasha was looking at Steve through rearview mirror. It was all so confusing. A while ago she never would consider to be romantically involved with him. She always found him attractive, she loved the way he looked at her and how he cared for everyone. Natasha loves the exhaustive dedication of Steve to work. For different times she insisted to him go out a bit with her and Sam to a bar and get distracted. There was always a lot of women flirting with him. She and Sam always bet if he would ask some girl to hang.

Natasha smiled while she remember those times. It was good to be around Steve.

Natasha also remembered that he never flirted with anyone when she was present, although Sam said that he flirted with 2 girls when they were alone. Was it because of me that he didn't corresponded to others? To Natasha the idea was absurd. Does Steve really like her? And is he does, for how long? Natasha didn't know.

Steve managed to get rid of the terrible thoughts he was having when Clint came near him asking what strategies they would use when arrive at the point marked by Stark. They were already flying over Alaska, lacked only half an hour to the marked point.

Steve said the idea was to install in the first place, and do a scan using the bikes in the near perimeter to make sure that the place is really safe. The fugitive scientist could be anywhere.

N: Clint, the radar shows that we are near the set point, but these mists are hindering the vision of a safe place to land.

Clint ran over and asked to take control of the jet.

C: It seems that we will finally have some adventure ahead. Best tighten your belts, Cap.

Steve obeyed promptly and put the belt, as well did Natasha. Clint is an excellent pilot. He managed to land without any problem.

By the way, yes there was a problem.

S: That does not seem to be the correct location.

N: This is not the correct location.

C: You are very pessimistic. I landed here because the field of view was better, a little more and we could crash into the floor or some mountain. Let's go down here and scan, if that's all right, we can set up "camp" right here.

S: Clint's right.

N: It's already dark outside and the temperature is freezing to make scans.

S: I know, but we do not know this area. You can stay here.

Natasha felt offended. Steve noticed.

S: The Jet can't be alone without scanning the place.

N: So... Clint stays.

C: I agree.

Clint was shaking just wondering how cold it is outside.

Steve knows Natasha is very smart, but it was his instinct to protect her and he didn't want she walking at night in an unknown place alone. He could not invent an excuse to persuade Natasha to stay.

N: Of course you can stay in the jet, capsicle.

Natasha teased and smirked.

S: Well let's get going.

Steve and Natasha wore appropriate warm clothing. The clothes were not so heavy because Tony and Bruce developed a great material that protected well the body temperature.

Natasha put her helmet and climbed one of the bikes. Steve already had his own helmet from the Captain America's uniform, he climbed on his bike and looked over to Clint, consented to the head indicating that he could open the gates of the jet.

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