Capítulo 5

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Natasha stared at the drawing feeling confused. What does that means? Why only the place without us in the picture? Was it random? Was it to remember or to erase what happened? Why? Natasha wondered. She had good quick thinking, but the drawing really caught her off guard. She needed an immediate response, and she couldn't find a way to not make her the guilty one.

Steve is much slower in reading facial expressions, but Natasha was pretty obvious, his eyes were wide open and she kept moving her eyes on the drawing details. He knew she was thinking of what to say to him and he had no intention to embarrass her, to force her or cause some kind of remorse. He was convinced that what happened, happened because it have to be. No feelings involved.

S: We will have to talk about it, sometime, you know.

Natasha looked at Steve with raised eyebrows, sighed and nodded. She didn't want to talk about what happened. Not now. She just got a gap to go back to talk to him and it appears that drawing bringing everything that led to this atmosphere between them, back again.

N: Yes. We should.

Meanwhile, Clint which has lost none of what was happening, he kept as quiet as possible. When Steve said they needed to talk, he nodded and rolled his eyes as if to say: Alleluia.

S: It doesn't have to be now...

Clint frowned and shook his head in protest, thinking No, no, no. Deal with it now.

N: I do not like to postpone things. Let us resolve now.

Clint smiled and consented with his head firmly, excited. In Clint's mind, he wanted to have a camera and record every moment of Steve and Natasha, playing, arguing, fighting. He was fascinated by both individually and the two together.

S: First, I want to say it's okay. I know you like to tease me and make jokes and that kiss meant nothing. I know you and Bruce...

Before Steve finished, Natasha interrupted.

N: Steve, it is not like...

Natasha was also interrupted by the call of one of the jet's televisions.

Clint cursed the call.

S: Is it from the base?

C: Yes, I will transfer to that screen near you.

Once Clint transferred the call, the image on the small screen in front of Steve and Natasha was taking shape. A blond figure with curly hair and brown eyes. Sharon Carter.

S: Sharon? Any problem?

Steve approach of the screen.

Sharon: Yeah. There is a guy who invited me for a coffee and looks like he'll be late.

Steve was worried, at first, he thought there were problems at the base, but he was relieved that Sharon was kidding. Okay, he was a little bit angry for not being a big deal to she calls in the middle of the mission.

Steve had no reason to feel bad for interacting with Sharon in the presence of Natasha, but he does.

Steve is a very polite and kind man, so he smiled at Sharon and responded politely.

S: Sorry.

Sharon: Duty calls. I understand, but you will have to compensate me.

S: Of course. Whatever you want.

Sharon: Surprise me.

Steve smiled.

Sharon: Well, I better go. I was missing you and wanted to talk to you. Be careful. Oh and warns Clint that his wife called.

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