Capítulo 27

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What is that sound? This thin and intermittent sound, irritating my ears, preventing me from having any logical thinking right now. What is this dark picture, almost a total black that prevents me from seeing anything at all. That damn sound. I hate that sound. What is that other noise? It seems to be my breath. I hate that sound as well. Why is it so dark here? Why can't I move? Someone help me. I'm stuck. They tied my legs, my torso and my arms. They broke my legs, I can't move. I'm stuck. Someone makes that sound stop please. Please. I can't breathe, I can't breathe. I'm afraid, I can't breathe, how is possible that anyone notice that I can't breathe. Am I alone? I'm by myself. I'm stuck. I am breathless.

Ugh, that bitter taste in my mouth, what are you doing to me? How dare you? That smell. Get away from me. I don't want to smell it, I don't wanna feel, I don't want to breathe, I don't want to see, don't bring me back, please, don't bring me back. It hurt so much. Don't free me. Keep me stuck, please. Do not bring me back. I love that sound. So many sounds, so much noise, now. I don't want to hear, I don't want to feel anything. I don't want to see. Leave me alone. Please don't.

Natasha thoughts while in the infirmary. A nurse put a glass with ammonia near Natasha's nose to wake her.

Natasha felt spasms throughout her body, she moved her legs and hands, seeming to struggle to remain unconscious. She didn't want to wake up. In the place where she was, has nothing, only an intermittent sound, she had no logical thoughts.

Natasha opened her eyes slowly and saw a figure staring at her. It was very blurry. She slowly shook her head to the sides and blinked until she could see clearly.

Clint Barton, was looking at her friend with concern. He gave a half smile. Natasha closed her eyes again and closed her hand tightly.

Her nostrils were dilated and she breathed straining. All yesterday's memories came at once. Natasha began to tremble. They shouldn't awake her.

Now she remembers.

~ Steve fallen through the rubble that collapsed on him. She remembered of running to him and seen the situation of his body, completely broke. She was shaking so hard she couldn't touch him, she barely saw him, she had many tears falling from her eyes. Steve, Steve, she repeated softly, weakly. Water from the sky began to fall on them, Natasha tried to find a way to touch him, she touched his face, it was like ice. She withdrew her hand, she couldn't believe it. It can't be. Natasha came over his body and pressed her trembling lips in his. Steve, please.


Natasha started screaming. Natasha felt someone pull her waist and saw a lot of people around Steve, removing him from the rubble. Natasha struggled, she didn't want anyone touching him. He was hers. No one has the right to touch him. They are going to kill him. He is dead. But maybe he is not. They will kill him. I need to save him. It was what Natasha thought, until her vision went black and she lost her conscious.~

Natasha sat down abruptly on the bed and held tightly in Clint's arms.


The look of Natasha contained pure terror and hope. A hope already dead, she was sure he was dead, she felt his icy body. She begged to Clint for a story that would ease her pain.

Clint looked calmly and touched her friend's face.

C: Natasha, he is not dead.

To hear that Steve had not died, Natasha began to cry desperately. Clint tried everything to calm her, he hugged her, he caressed her back, but she just would not stop.

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