Capítulo 14

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Steve looked at Natasha who's neck was really red and some brands of hickeys he left.

S: Is someone knocking on the door?

Natasha shrugged. She didn't know, she didn't care. Steve continues! She screamed in her thought.

Steve started to move like was going to leave the bed and now he is staring at the door.

S: They are insisting, it can be important.

Natasha rolled her eyes, no bastard would stop this. Not even if Steve wanted, he would come out of that bed now. Natasha put her hand on Steve's belt and pulled him hard, making him lie her body again. He was heavy, but she wanted to feel all that weight on her. Natasha kissed him again. She put her hands on his chest and pushed him up again. The way she was, herself felt sorry for all the things she was going to do with him in that room. She even had intended to let him lead the whole thing, but it was too late, she decided to take care of the situation.

Natasha raise her back from bed and reach Steve's lips again, Steve put his hands on the pillow, but his arms were shaking, he was still nervous. Natasha made Steve fall on the bed, next to her and sat on his lap.

Natasha took a time admiring Steve's body. Steve was flushed and panting. Natasha finally removed her robe. Steve froze, he forced himself to look only to her face, but his eyes betrayed him and he looked her breasts, belly and back to looking at her breasts and then he tried to look the ceiling.

Natasha smirked to notice how Steve was struggling to be a respectful man, she slide her finger through his face, she caressed his lips and his chin.

N: You like what you see?

Steve only move the head indicating yes.

N: Don't you wanna touch me?

Natasha asked as she held his hand and placed it on her belly and made him caress her. She slid his hand down on her skin until he get near her breasts. She wouldn't do it for him, if he wants, he will do it alone.

Noting that he was more relaxed she released his hands allowing him to touch her where he wants.

Nat's skin texture was unbelievable good to feel, she was very soft. He put his other hand on her waist and he finally grabbbed her breasts, he couldn't help but moan when he touches it. He starded to try to raise his back from the bed and Natasha knew what he wanted, so she helped him... She bent slightly towards him, allowing his mouth to touch her tits, Natasha moan when she felt his lips, she hold Steve's neck.

Steve didn't know which of her breasts he should devote most, it was the best thing he had ever placed in his mouth, he interspersed his tongue between one breast and the another. He pressed them keep them together, he could lick those nipples forever.

Natasha couldn't wait anymore, she scratched his neck and back, he was bleeding, she put her hands on his belt and tried desperately to remove the belt and open his jeans. Steve also wasn't giving truce, he decided to give hickeys all over her neck, and when he came into her neck, Natasha was immediately weakened. Now he knows her weakness.

To be able to open his pants, Natasha pushed him hard on the bed again. She unzipped and the volume inside his underwear was too remarkable, but for her surprise, Steve grabbed her hands and threw it back. He sat and make Natasha lie down with legs embedded on him. He wanted to admire her again. He ran his hands on her thighs, belly and slid down again, he squeezed her breasts. Natasha began to get nervous, because she was quite horny.

Steve raised Natasha's hands above her head and held it there to prevent her from moving. He knelt between her legs, he keep a hand holding her hands and with the other he slipped through her navel, and down to reach her intimate skin, Natasha turned her face to the side and bit her arm to not start moan loud. Steve loved to see Natasha's reactions, he wasn't sure how to touch her, but by the way she was writhing, he was doing it right. He didn't expect her to be so wet. He raised his fingers and looked at Natasha, he wanted to know the taste of it, so he sucked his fingers and he loved the taste.

Natasha raised her thighs, Steve released her hands and grabbed the leg of Natasha, he put her foot on his shoulder and spread kisses on her leg, the more he approached her intimate part, more Natasha got breathless. She held the sheet and bit her lip looking to Steve. He wasn't teasingher on purpose, he was just curious to know the taste of every part of her body.

Natasha was no longer holding her moans. She grabbed Steve's hair and held it tightly, nor cared to be hurting him or not.

When he was about to lick her clit, the crackling began again.

What the fuck is that? Natasha thought. Whoever it is, I will kill.

Steve looked Natasha in the eye.

S: Who is it?

N: No one.

S: Natasha.

N: Steve...

Well, actually, this is what was going on. Natasha arrived from the mission with the agents of SHIELD, she was too tired. She took a shower and sat on the bed, began talk on the mobile phone and didn't notice that she fell asleep.

She was dressing gown and she was sweaty, she put her hand between her thighs and noticed that she was "wet" because of the dream she had. She sighed and tried to compose herself.

Natasha finally opened the door and saw a furious Maria Hill.

H: Really? What the hell happened? You slept?

N: Huh?

H: Natasha, we were talking about the mission on the phone and you just disappeared. Then I came here and knocked on the door, and I was about to invade.

N: Wow, you're overreacting.

H: Oh really? You fell into a cold sea and was unconscious for hours, then you went to a mission in a period that you should be resting, I thought...

N: What? That I was dead? Hill, come on.

H: No, but there was something wrong and you were moaning on the phone.

Natasha was embarrassed.

N: I'm okay, it was a nightmare I had. About the mission, you can tell Fury, that it was successfully completed.

M: Great. Well, I'll tell Steve that you came back because he wanted to strangle me for sending you on a mission.

N: He knows that I was on a mission?

H: Yes, and he was furious. I've never seen him worry that much with no one, but you. I think he has a crush on you.

N: Hill, you're crazy.

H: I swear, he was very disturbed. I thought he was in love with you again.

N: Again?

H: Yeah, because at that time he found that friend who has the metal arm, he was very into you. Don't say you didn't notice.

Natasha showed no reaction.

H: Well, but probably not because anyway he is on a date now.

Natasha frowned and waited Hill release more information.

H: With Carter. Steve is so straight, how can he date the niece of the woman he loved so much?

N: I don't think he knows and you and me have nothing to do with it.

H: Of course he knows, their surnames are the same.

N: A lot of people have the same surname, it doesn't mean they are relatives.

H: Yeah, true.

Hill works with Natasha for so long that she was sure that this news caught her off guard. And with the Tony tips, she knew Natasha was sad and that the reason for her to be like that, she had just given. Hill would tease Steve about it, but not Natasha, in fact, she cares a lot about, when she lies to her is by order of Fury, but it doesn't change the affection that Hill has for her.

H: Well, I got to go. I don't have a room here yet and I'm tired. See you later.

Natasha couldn't say anything, she just came in the roon again and closed the door. She leaned against the door and knocked her head slightly at the door. Idiot, she thought about herself.

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