Part Thirty-Nine (p2)

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Percabeth Wedding

Part 2:

Percy was already nervous by the time he had eaten breakfast. Annabeth and the girls weren't there, meaning they were getting ready for the wedding. Percy had sacrificed one of his old camp shirts to the gods before breakfast, then part of his meal. It seemed like a bit much at the time, but Percy knew that it would help him and Annabeth to become protected by the gods while they raised Zoe, who Katie Gardener and some other Demeter girls were looking after.

Suddenly, Grover, Jason, Frank and Leo had arrived at his table. "Percy, it's time to get ready." Grover said, hauling Percy to his feet.

It didn't take them as long as the girls, but by ten o'clock they had gotten ready in their respective tuxes.


Percy tugged at the hem of his shirt, already jittery. The wedding guests were chatting amongst themselves, occasionally glancing up at him as he stood at the alter.

Suddenly, the Apollo cabin struck up a tune and everyone was immediately quiet as all heads swivelled to face the entrance of the large tent where Annabeth and Chiron were standing. Frederick Chase hadn't showed up, so Chiron had decided to take the role as the father and walk her up the aisle, which made perfect sense since he had practically raised her since she was seven.

"Wow..." Percy murmured, not keeping his eyes off Annabeth. In his opinion, she was the most beautiful girl in the entire world.

Once she was facing him, Chiron took his position as the preacher. "Perseus," he said. "Please remove Annabeth's veil."

Percy took the bottom of the veil and pulled it up over Annabeth's hair.

"Now, Annabeth, cut a lock of your hair." He handed a pair of scissors to her and she gripped a chunk of her blonde curls before pulling the scissors through it. The lock of hair fell to the floor and someone swept it away. This was part of greek tradition, since that was the main theme.

Then Chiron started talking about love and the gods, but while he was speaking Percy kept his eyes firmly on Annabeth.

"Do you, Perseus Jackson, take Annabeth Chase to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." Percy replied, eyes only on Annabeth.

"Do you promise to love her for all of your life, to care for her and be there for her when she is ill?"

"I do."

Chiron turned to Annabeth. "Do you, Annabeth Chase, take Perseus Jackson to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." Annabeth replied, smiling at Percy who grinned in response.

"Do you promise to love him for all of your life, to care for him and be there for him when he is ill?"
"I do."

"If anyone has any objections please speak now."

There was silence.

"Percy," Chiron said, a smile in his eyes. "You may kiss the bride."

Percy leaned in and pressed his lips against Annabeth's. They were warm, and he treasured that moment in his heart, knowing that he would go back to it during years to come.

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