Part Twenty-Six

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Part Twenty-Six:

"I wish we didn't have to leave." Piper told her boyfriend, Jason.

It had been three months since Hazel's accident and she was back to normal. Frank and her had moved into a room in the big house so that they could be together, but Jason and Piper were still not allowed to move in together, which was so unfair in Piper's opinion.

"I know." Jason said. They were lying on the roof of the Zeus cabin, watching the stars. This morning Percy and Annabeth had announced that they were going to get married after the baby was born. Afterwards, the seven had come together and agreed that they would go their separate ways after the wedding.

"I mean, it would just feel so wrong." Piper sighed. "Like I'd lost an arm or a leg."

"Look, Piper." Jason said, turning to face her. She faced him as well and intwined their fingers. "I know it'll be hard to leave Camp, but we could always Iris-Message everyone."

"What about what Chiron said." Piper whispered. "That we weren't going to tell anyone about the prophecy until it came into action. It's been a year since the end of the Giant War, but it just feels like nobody's over it yet."

"I know." Jason admitted, leaning in to kiss Piper lightly. Then they turned back to face the stars. Piper laid her free hand on her stomach which had grown in the last few months. She was only five months along but she felt ready to burst anytime soon. Hazel was worse - she was six months and still growing bigger. Calypso was also growing. She was around five months as well but she was way bigger, because she had twins instead of only one baby.

Will Solace had 'helpfully' pointed out to the girls that this was a good thing; their babies were growing. But Hazel, Calypso and Piper had groaned louder than a full-grown cow could moo.

"I want to go somewhere where our child can grow up in peace. Most of the monster attacks right now have died down, but I just want to be somewhere safe. The giant war isn't over." Piper said.

Jason stood up, pulling her to her feet as well. He took both of her hands in his and stared into her eyes. "We'll stay for the wedding." He told her. "Then we'll move. To a town somewhere far away. I want to start a family with you Pipes. I really do. I can see a future for us."

Piper smiled, then leaned in to kiss him. Jason wasn't like Percy or even Leo and Frank who was always romantic and cared about their girlfriends more than they cared about themselves, but he was still her boyfriend. He was still Jason, and that was okay.


Calypso was looking for Leo.
She was wandering around Camp Half-Blood clutching the sheet of baby names she had been working on for the past hour searching for him, hoping that he wasn't cooped up in Bunker Nine doing gods know what.

Earlier, she was at her special garden, watering the plants and then letting the sunlight hit them. Some of the Demeter kids had come to help her, and they worked silently, listening to birds chirping and a soft breeze ruffling the trees. After a while, Calypso had sat down in the sunlight and started to think. Her thoughts had drifted from back at Ogygia, to Percy (who she still had an awkward relationship with) to finally, baby names. But she wasn't sure if Leo would like what she had come up with.

Sighing, Calypso abandoned her mission to look for him around the camp and headed into the forest towards Bunker Nine. She was almost there when she heard a strange noise, like a plunger being withdrawn.

It's probably some couple making out in the woods. She thought, rolling her eyes, but as she drew towards the clearing next to Bunker Nine, she saw a sight that made her stop in her tracks to stare.

There was Leo, standing with his back to her. But that wasn't the part that brought tears to her eyes. It was the fact that he was kissing someone, a girl who Calypso recognised from the Aphrodite cabin.

Tears welled up in her eyes and fell down her cheeks in a waterfall.

Leo was cheating on her.

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