Part Thirty-Eight (p1)

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Percabeth Wedding

Part 1:

As soon as she woke up in the Athena cabin two days later, Annabeth was bombed by Piper, Thalia, Hazel and Calypso.

"Get up!" Thalia screamed, throwing a pillow at Annabeth's face.

"Ugh, what time is it?" Annabeth moaned, rolling over to face the wall. This was the first night in months that she hadn't slept in the same bed as Percy, since it was the evening before the wedding. The bed had felt cold, like it lacked life.

"Six AM." Thalia replied, grinning. "Your siblings told us that we had to be out by seven, which is why we've prepared the bathroom for you."


"I thought you wanted an ancient greek-style wedding?"

"Oh yeah..." Annabeth remembered now. On the morning of the wedding in ancient greek tradition, the bride would have a bath to symbolise purification into a new life with her husband.

The first part of the wedding had been yesterday, where Annabeth, her sisters in the Athena cabin, Piper, Hazel, Calypso, Clarisse, Katie, Miranda (Katie's sister), Thalia, Reyna, Hylla and a few others had been partying on the beach. They played party games and just had pure fun while the boys looked after the kids. (They were going to have their own party later in the night.)

Annabeth closed the bathroom door and peeled off her clothes. A large bathtub had been set up in the middle of the tiny bathroom, full of warm bubbly water that was letting off steam. She slipped into the tub and let the relaxing atmosphere soothe her. Once her time was up and the water started to go cold, she got out and wrapped a towel around her, then put on a robe.

"Finally!" Thalia cried when she came out. "You took forever!"

"I'll go clean up." Hazel offered, heading into the bathroom and shutting the door behind her.

"Annabeth, it's time for your makeover." Calypso smirked and Annabeth gulped.

"Wait! We're forgetting something!" Piper cried. "Annabeth has to sacrifice something to the gods!"

"I've already chosen what I'm going to sacrifice." Annabeth held up her New York Yankees Cap, which hadn't worked since the end of the Titan War.

"Lets go!" The four girls headed outside to the silent dining pavilion and over towards one of the braziers. They were lit 24-7 so Annabeth just put her cap in and watched it burn.

Athena and Poseidon. She thought.
Then they headed over to the Aphrodite cabin.

"EVERYONE OUT!" Thalia yelled, throwing pillows at the sleeping campers and ripping the bedsheets off their beds.

Groaning and grumbling, the Aphrodite kids left for the main camp bathrooms to have a shower. Thalia pulled up a chair at Piper's makeup table (which she hardly ever used) and Annabeth sat down.

Suddenly, Aphrodite appeared. "The dress, honey! The dress!" She shrieked, snapping her fingers.

A beautiful dress appeared on Annabeth, replacing the robe. It was a modern white, but extremely simple. There was a sash of light sea green seashells running from the shoulder to the waist, lined with golden sparkles.

Another four dresses appeared on one of the beds for Calypso, Thalia, Piper and Hazel. "Later girls!" The goddess disappeared in a burst of pink smoke.

Hazel rushed into the cabin at that moment, panting. "Conch horn for breakfast should sound any moment. The Hecate cabin have started on decorating the venue and reception, ready for midday."

"C'mon ladies! Five hours to go!" Thalia cried, clapping her hands. Calypso and Thalia started on Annabeth's makeup, which took ages, even though they weren't doing a lot.

Piper came in and rubbed some gel into her hair, then combed it so that it fall in loose blonde waves around her shoulders. It would get tousled in the wind, but for now everyone was just happy to leave it out.

"And ... done!" Piper cried, smiling at Annabeth in the mirror.

"Okay, we have three hours left!" Thalia announced. "Everyone get changed into your gowns, then help each other with your makeup."

The girls' bridesmaid dresses replaced their camp shirts and jeans. A selection of bouquets of roses on one of the beds appeared and each of the girls grabbed one to go with their dress.

This was going to be an interesting day, Annabeth thought as her friends started to run around to grab different items to do each other's hair and makeup.

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