Part Eighteen

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Part Eighteen:

Gods forbid it. Annabeth thought, her heart pounding as loud and fast as a drum. "P-Percy?" She whispered, her voice cracking.

"I'm sorry, I don't know who you are." The boy who didn't remember her replied. Annabeth wanted to die right there and then. But she knew that if she died, her unborn baby would die, and she didn't want to lose her daughter - the one thing that she loved and was happy for right now.

"You-you don't remember me?" Annabeth asked.

"I need to see Rachel." Percy said, sitting up. "And Grover. Take me to Camp Half-Blood."

"No, Percy." She was crying now. Her vision blurred with tears and she gripped Percy's hand like a lifeline. He shook it off. "Grover is off in the wild on his mission to stop deforestation. Rachel is at New Rome discussing prophecies with their new augur."

"But-" Percy's eyes widened. "Wait, who are you?" He asked, looking at Annabeth like she was some sort of monster.

"I'm Annabeth." She said. "Your fiancée."

"Annabeth?" He asked. Some of the fog cleared from his eyes. Then it returned. "No, you can't be her. Annabeth is dead."

"How did she die?" Annabeth asked.

Percy's expression turned. He looked almost sad. "She was killed by Kronos."

Annabeth felt more tears gathering in her eyes. She ran out of the room before they could start streaming, and when they did, it was like a waterfall.


Frank and Hazel arrived the next day. Annabeth lied and told them that Percy hadn't woken up yet, but accepted their bottle of nectar that they gave her.

Annabeth snuck into Percy's room and put the bottle on the table beside his bed. He was sleeping, but she just couldn't resist it. Leaning down, she checked to see if any of the nurses were watching, then she kissed him. Full on the lips.

Percy stirred and Annabeth quickly pulled away and backed out of the room. She went down the hall to the hospital café and ordered a coffee. But as she did so, an image appeared in her mind.

Annabeth was older. She sat in the massive lounge of a ginormous mansion. Portraits hung on the walls and a roaring fireplace took up most of one wall. There was a little girl running around, and Annabeth somehow knew that this was her daughter, and this would be her future if she just walked away.

Annabeth snapped out of her daydream and sat down at a small table in the far corner of the café. When her coffee arrived, her thoughts were scattered. She felt helpless, but at least it made her forget the watery taste of the hot drink.

After her coffee, she went back to Percy's room. He was asleep, but Annabeth still sat down next to his bed. The room was silent, yet it somehow comforted her.

"Percy," she whispered. Tears pricked at her eyes but she ignored them. "I know you don't remember me anymore, but I just want you to know that I love you. And so does your daughter." The tears were flowing down her face now. She stifled a sob, then began again. "Remember when you first arrived at Camp Half-Blood? I told you that you drooled when you sleep, and back then I knew that I would fall in love with you eventually, no matter how much seaweed you had in your brain. And I did."

Then she stood up, wiping the tears away before leaving.

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