Part Ten

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Part Ten:

Hazel snuggled up next to Frank in her bunk. The Hades cabin was dark and a bit depressing, but she didn't mind.
"I love you." She told her boyfriend, as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I love you even more." Frank murmured back.

Hazel felt her eyes close as she drifted into sleep, before...

"HAZEL!" She jumped. Frank tightened his grip around her waist as Nico stormed into the cabin. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming back today?" He asked, as Hazel pulled herself away from Frank and hugged her half-brother.

"I'm sorry. I was really busy and I wanted to catch up with the girls..."

"Well, I'm just happy you're here." Nico sighed, then when he pulled away, glared at Frank. "No funny business, you two. I know it has already happened to Piper and Jason, and I don't want my little sister getting pregnant."

Hazel stared uncomfortably at the floor. Frank was looking anywhere but Nico.

"Hazel?" Nico asked.

"It's already happened." Hazel muttered. "I'm pregnant." Nico's face went slack. He gaped at her, and suddenly a hand made of bones shot out of the floor.

Hazel shrieked, and Nico hurriedly pushed it back into the ground with his foot. "How long have you known?" He whispered.

"A month." Hazel replied. "But I only told Frank and Reyna a couple weeks ago. I-I was scared as to how you'd react, I'm only a teenager! I'm not like Annabeth who's nineteen and ready to go to college!"

"Hey, it's okay." Nico smiled, one of the only times Hazel had ever seen him do that.

"We were discussing names for the baby the other night." Hazel said quietly. "I was thinking Bianca for a girl."

Nico looked at her. She wasn't sure how he'd react, but instead he hugged her again and kissed the top of her head. "Good choice."

Hazel clambered back into bed with Frank. Nico went over to the other side of the cabin and got into his bunk.

"Goodnight Nico and Frank." Hazel said.

"'Night Hazel." Both boys yawned.


Calypso wasn't sure where Leo was. For the past two days he had been in bunker nine working on something, and since she wasn't a fire user, she couldn't get in.

After another boring day hanging out with Piper, Hazel and Annabeth (who seemed to be hiding something, as she was constantly smiling) Calypso went back to the Big House, where Chiron was letting her stay. He may have approved Annabeth and Percy sleeping in their own cabin, but he wasn't going to let Jason and Piper, or Calypso and Leo do it as well. Not after the Piper and Jason disaster, anyway.

Suddenly she heard shouting. Calypso turned to see Leo running up to her holding a suitcase. He met her on the wrap-around porch of the big house and opened the suitcase. Inside was a jumble of mess.

"Firstly," Calypso began. "Ever hear of travelling light? And second, where have you been the last two days?"

Leo looked sleep-deprived, but he still grinned. "Oops. Lost track of time. I've been living on coffee and my secret-stash of chocolate. Anyway, I've been making these." He pulled out a stuffed doll.

Calypso gasped. "Are they for the baby?" She asked.

"Yeah." Leo replied, shutting the suitcase.

But as he did so, a voice said from behind them: "What baby?" Heart pounding, Leo and Calypso turned to see Chiron standing behind them, arms folded. And he looked scary in his centaur form.

"Uh oh." Leo muttered.

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