Part Eleven

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Part Eleven:

"I am very disappointed in you all." Chiron said, staring at each of the Seven and Calypso in turn.

Piper clutched Jason's hand tightly, tears pricking at her eyes.

"It was an accident." Annabeth squeaked. "We didn't mean to..."

"It's alright for you, Annabeth." Chiron told her softly. "I know how much you've gone through, and you're also going to college in New Rome so that's perfectly fine, but the rest of you." He stared at Hazel and Calypso, who were glaring at their feet. "I am extremely disappointed. You should have known better."

Jason wrapped an arm around Piper's shoulder and whispered soothing words to her as she tried hard not to cry.

"But, we cannot change the past. What has happened has happened. And also," Chiron smiled at the four couples. "The campers might need a bit more excitement. You have no punishment, except that you all have to tell your parents."

Annabeth's face went white. She imagined telling her mum that she was pregnant with the son of her rival's child...

Calypso and Leo smiled at each other. All they had to do would be tell Hephaestus, and he would hopefully take the news well.

Piper thought about telling Thalia. Relief filled her as she remembered that Thalia would probably be excited to be an aunt. Then she thought about her dad. What would he say? Would he be happy or disappointed? She knew that Aphrodite and Zeus would be fine with it - they weren't like Athena and Poseidon.

Hazel had already told Nico about her pregnancy. And Reyna was cool with it. So all they had to do would be to tell Mars and Pluto.

That seemed easy enough to her, but little did the group of demigods know, it would be much harder than they thought...

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