Part Twenty-Two:

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Part Twenty-Two:

"Hey Annabeth, Piper, Hazel." Will Solace greeted warmly as the three girls entered the infirmary. Chiron had urged them to see how far along in their pregnancies they were.

"Hi Will." Annabeth greeted. "We were wondering if you could run a few tests to see how our kids are doing?"

"Sure. Follow me." He lead them to a room towards the back of the infirmary, just as Percy, Jason and Frank arrived.

Percy and Jason were laughing at something while Frank looked kind of sheepish. "Oh gods, and remember when he was like: 'I got this' and then he accidentally set himself on fire instead of firing the arrow?" Jason asked and Percy chuckled.

"What are you boys talking about?" Annabeth asked as Percy slung his arm across her shoulder.

"Just Leo being a dork." Percy laughed.
Will took Hazel into the room first. After around five minutes they came back out. "You're three months pregnant." He told her, looking at his test results on the clipboard he always carried around. "And it's a boy."

Hazel smiled and squeezed Frank's hand.

Piper went next. Jason nervously sat twiddling his thumbs until they came back out. "Piper, you're just over two months pregnant and I assume you already know it's a boy?"

"Yes, and we've already decided on a name." Piper reached out and held Jason's hand who smiled encouragingly. "Michael Jack Grace."

Finally, it was Annabeth's turn. She kissed Percy on the cheek and then followed Will into the room.

It was the same one they were in a few weeks ago just before she told Percy that she was pregnant. Will pulled out something that looked like a mat and laid it on Annabeth's stomach. He put his hand on it, and the mat started to glow.

"This is a transmitter." He informed her. "Some Hephaestus kids invented it. It's an x-ray machine that I can use to look inside your stomach - it's very useful and should only take a moment to work." After a few more minutes and writing some notes down on his clipboard, they were done.

As she went back outside, Percy stood up from the chair and wrapped an arm around her waist. "Annabeth, you're one and a half months pregnant and you already know what the gender is?"

"A girl." Annabeth smiled. Percy leaned in and pecked her on the lips.

"Well, it seems like all of your babies are healthy. I'll see you back here a few more times over the next couple of  months just so I can make sure that they're still in a good condition." Will told the group.

The three couples left the infirmary and headed out into the sunshine.

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