Part Thirteen

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Part Thirteen:

After a batch of blue cookies from Sally was consumed, Percy and Annabeth headed off into the busy streets of New York.

They reached the Empire State building and went into the lobby. "Six-hundredth floor please." Percy said.

"Kid." The man behind the desk began. "There is no--" Percy uncapped Riptide and casually started polishing the blade on his shirt. The man's eyes widened. He passed a golden key card over the desk and Percy took it. Him and Annabeth stepped into the elevator and Percy put the card in.

With a whoosh, the elevator sped upwards. Percy smiled at Annabeth and entwined their fingers. Annabeth took the time to study the engagement ring she wore on her finger. Percy had insisted that they keep quiet about it for a while, and Annabeth had agreed. She didn't need too much drama in her life.

Once they had reached Olympus, Percy and Annabeth set off across the bridge and into the city. It wasn't big like New York, but it certainly was impressive. Statues made of pure silver and gold gleamed in the sunlight. Buildings towered overhead, the windows gleaming and minor gods poking their heads out to wave cheerfully at passersby.

Once they had reached the throne room, Annabeth looked at Percy. "No going back now." She whispered. As they entered the large room, Annabeth felt a bit sick. Her stomach lurched and she felt like puking, but luckily Percy was one step ahead of her. He handed her a bottle of nectar and she took a sip. Instantly, the feeling died away and she handed the bottle back to Percy.

In the throne room, Athena and Poseidon were waiting for them. Annabeth's mother was standing with her arms folded. Her expression was set at a scowl and she looked cold and calculating.

Percy's father, however, was smiling. His eyes twinkled and he looked inviting and friendly, the total opposite of Athena. Annabeth wondered what it would be like to have Poseidon as a dad. He certainly seemed nicer than Athena--or even Frederick Chase, Annabeth's father.

"Annabeth, Percy." Athena smiled, though she said Percy's name through gritted teeth. "What a surprise."

"Hey mum." Annabeth said, intwining her fingers with Percy's. Athena's eyes narrowed, looking at their hands. "It's lovely to see you."

Poseidon beamed at them. His eyes held a warning, though. "Well, lets get straight to the point." He said. "I'm very busy at the moment, so I'm only visiting for a short time."

Annabeth breathed in. "I'm pregnant." She exhaled. Poseidon's expression didn't change much. He smiled, and congratulated them, then left. Annabeth didn't mind, though. It was far too awkward to be having this conversation with a god.

Athena, on the other hand, looked outraged. With a finger snap that seemed to resonate throughout the room, Annabeth felt her body being pulled away. She gasped, trying to cling onto Percy, but it was too late.

Her fingers slipped and she started drifting away...

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