Part Thirty-Five:

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Part Thirty-Five:

After Piper had fully recovered one week later, she and Jason took Michael back to the Zeus cabin. They were enthusiastic to have him, and together they were happy family.

But Calypso wasn't feeling the love. She was supposed to have had Alex and Charlie a week ago, but unlike Piper who was early, Calypso was a week late. And it didn't help that Piper had actually been expecting twins and one of them hadn't made it.

Groaning, Calypso tried to get up from the couch in Bunker Nine. She couldn't. "Leo!" She yelled, trying again. There was no response.

Calypso sat back, heart hammering in her chest. Where was he?

"Leo!" She yelled, then screamed as she felt a kick from either Alex or Charlie. "Leo!"

There was a popping sound and Calypso looked down. Her water had just broken.

"LEO!" There was still no response. After five minutes, Calypso managed to stand up. She hobbled over to the entrance of Bunker Nine and was halfway outside when she felt a contraction. "AH!" She cried, falling to the ground. "Help! Somebody! Please!" She shrieked, but there was no one to hear her.

Calypso lay there for ages, contractions hitting her every fifteen minutes.

"Leo..." She gasped. "Somebody, get Leo." Struggling for breath, Calypso stood up and started wobbling towards Camp Half-Blood. A tree nymph appeared and helped her, but then got too far away from her tree so she disappeared.

The pain was the most intense Calypso had ever felt. It was like knives stabbing her in the stomach over and over, not quitting until she gave up. She was in the middle of nowhere; there was no one that could help her.

Another tree nymph suddenly appeared and started helping her, soon a whole group of them were helping her back to camp. When she reached the break in the trees and arrived at camp, it was nightfall. Calypso felt helpless as the last of the tree nymphs disappeared. The entire camp was asleep, and she felt her heart crumble.

Her hopes disappeared and she fell to her knees, sobbing. Why wasn't Leo coming to help? Where was everyone?


Calypso got her answers an hour later.
She had been lying in the grass balling her eyes out, the pain too intense and dizzying to stand up. No one had heard her sobs, but just before midnight someone did come.

It was Leo.

He took one look at Calypso lying on the ground sobbing and picked her up bridal style, running as fast as he could towards the infirmary. When he reached it, he got some Apollo kids to get the back room ready and laid Calypso on a bed.

"L - Leo." She muttered.

"Shh," Leo whispered, pressing a finger to her lips. "I was talking to Chiron. I'm sorry I never came back, I must've fallen asleep in his office. But I'm here now, and I just want to tell you that I love you." He grinned and leaned down to peck her lips.

"I love you too." Calypso smiled. "Even though you already know that."

"The room's ready." An Apollo kid called, and they wheeled Calypso's bed into the room, forcing Leo to wait outside.

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