Part Three

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Part Three:

That night at dinner, excitement was in the air. Everyone wanted to play Capture The Flag badly, even more because Percy and Annabeth would be leading the teams in Boys vs Girls.

"Quiet!" Chiron called, stomping his hoof against the floor. Immediately, everyone quietened down. "Since our Camp Heroes Percy and Annabeth are back, we're having a celebratory game of Capture The Flag!"

Everyone cheered.

"Boys versus girls!"

Even more cheers.

"You have fifteen minutes of planning before we enter the forest! Go!"

All of the girl cabin leaders huddled around Annabeth. "Okay, so here's the plan." She said. "Piper, Calypso and I are going to guard the flag. Aphrodite and Hephaestus are going as last line of defence while Apollo are going as front. Ares and Demeter are going for the flag. Everyone else either defend the river or go out in small groups as decoys. Is that clear?" Everyone nodded and hurried off to tell their cabins.

"Why aren't we attacking?" Piper asked.

"Because that's what the boys will expect us to do. And plus, Leo, Jason and Percy will go for the flag and we're the only ones who can distract them." Annabeth said simply.

"Alright then." Calypso said nervously, unsheathing her dagger.

"Lets do this." Piper grinned. "Girl power style!"

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