Part Nineteen:

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Part Nineteen:

Every time the girl who claimed to be Annabeth came into the room, Percy pretended to be asleep. He didn't know how, but somehow he felt like he knew her. She spoke about weird things, like how they first met and some moment that they had together.

Each time she talked to him, a piece of his memory came back to him. She went on for hours, and he listened intently, pretending to sleep. They way that she explained it, he seemed like an idiot, yet she still loved him.

He had also sworn that she had kissed him. Percy felt his heart hammering in his chest. But that can't be right! He thought desperately to himself. She died right in front of my eyes!

Yet every time he thought about it, the image of her dying seemed to fade. Maybe it was just some stupid trick by the gods to test his strength. Whatever the cause, he swore that if he ever found the person who was making Annabeth so emotional and his memory so fuzzy, he would crack them in two.

Percy reached to grab his cup of water on his bedside cabinet. As he did so, his hand brushed a bottle. It was full of what looked like apple juice, and even though Percy didn't know what it was, he still grabbed it and took a sip. And when he did, his tastebuds exploded.
Instead of the apple he had predicted it would taste like, it was as if he were eating one of his mother's cookies. It was sweet like chocolate and tasted as rich as he had remembered.


Part of his mind had seemed to become unblocked. A string of memories came flying back to him. Proposing to Annabeth. Her telling him that she was pregnant. Them telling his mother, then Athena and Poseidon. Then the car crash.

Percy shuddered. He would never look at a car - particularly taxis - the same way again.


Annabeth walked back into the hospital room. Percy was asleep, as he had been the other few times she had been in and out to visit him over the past two days, which was weird because he had been awake when she had first seen him.

She sat back down in a chair and grabbed Percy's hand. Tears stung her eyes. "Percy." Annabeth began. "Please wake up. I know you don't remember me, but could you at least stay awake long enough for me to talk to you? I just want to see your eyes open again. I want to talk to you, to cuddle up against you and talk about random stuff. Remember when we snuck down to the stables on the Argo II? Everyone was worried that we had been kidnapped - Coach Hedge grounded us when he found out. Remember that?"

Annabeth started sobbing. She couldn't see anything through the shower of her tears, so it came as a shock to her when someone pressed their lips to hers.
It was a long and passionate kiss. It didn't make her feel uncomfortable, in fact it made her feel like she was safe. She was protected.

A hand started wiping Annabeth's tears away. When she finally looked up at the person, her heart almost stopped. It was Percy.

He looked at her and gave her a goofy smile, the same one that she had fallen in love with all those years ago - and even now she still loved it. "I remember." Percy whispered.

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